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Fast paced action first person shooter. Earth has been invaded by demons many years ago. The demon rulers have slaved, tortured and killed everyone who resisted. You decide to fight back! The demons found out you were plotting a rebellion against them and the demons are now hunting you as an enemy of the state. Your goal is to start a rebellion and overthrow the evil demon rulers and their minions. Slaughter large masses of evil demons, zombies and other monsters in colorful environments. The game runs on FTEQW engine.

Post news RSS Hell Denizen: version 8 released!

Version 8 has new death animations for all monsters, improvements on some of the weapon models and a new look for the player character.

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Earlier I planned to add more/better normal/specular maps for (level textures), but instead ended up removing the normal/specular maps as they looked too often like some molten plastic. I might redo them (much) later with more time and care as an optional package.

Shoot Demons & Meow:

The double Magnum Pistols got individual recoil animation. The Power Meow button also doubles as a melee button that allows player to do a double Cat Claw attack.

Model Improvements:

New Player Character Look

Player character's new Cat Combat Armor.


The new Railgun has some glowy parts and the purple part spins when firing it.

Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher got some polish on the texture and a little bit to the model too.

Grenade Launcher

The new Grenade Launcher got a revolving magazine.


The Plasmagun energy cell was moved to the middle to avoid arm intersecting with it.

Lightning Ripper

The Lightning Ripper got a proper handle.


Version 9: Should have at least one new level. If I'm quick enough, maybe two levels or more improvements to models? Maybe some new level textures? At some point I also want to improve some of the sound effects, should that be v9 or later?

You can get the Hell Denizen early access or wishlist here:

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