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Hell Corp is a hell simulation game with crafting, survival and strategy that takes place in midst of a hell recession where profits are low for the devil himself and he has given small devils their own land with scrapyard access to make their own fortune and help hell come of this downfall. now is not the time in hell to rest and get hell govt money to live off. since number of sinners are way too much now their value is gone low and hell factory cannot process them enough and earn enough profits. its time to buckle up, gather resource, craft equipment and punishment machines, find the free souls that escaped because of overflow and punish them to earn profit. get experience and use this experience to unlock new equipment and machines.

make decoration items and decorate your part of the land. farm exotic plants and earn more experience and feed your hell divlets (small animals), defend machines from divlets and monsters. unlock more land to gain access to new dumps to get more resources and expand your empire.

Are you the next entrepreneur of Hell?

Key Features

  • Collect resources from hell dumps
  • Craft parts, machines and decorations
  • Collect random seeds, items from machines as output and farm exotic plants
  • Build your own palace and decorate your own hell.
  • Fight creatures of the abyss using hand combat and weapons.
  • Level up and unlock more avatars.
  • Unlock Helpers to automate resource collections, defense etc
  • Pet and farm divlets to get resources and experience.
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We have released a demo of our game on steam, play it, have fun and let us know of any bugs/fixes required.


if you like the game add it to your Wishlist. we are continuously working on game and all the features mentioned in description will be added.

join our community to discuss and tell issues etc.


What our demo has right now -

its a very good slice of our full game, and playable for hours.

1) have 5 machines to research, craft and place.

2) punish sinners to earn experience and resources

3) Starting tutorial to get you started with the game.

What might be updated in demo soon?

1) Addition of a low level enemy that attacks you time to time and you try to save machines from them.

while final version will have full featured base building and defense elements from large mob attack.

cover image

Working started again

Working started again


After covid crisis, gathered my things again and started on hell corp, more determined than before.

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