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Pilot a jumping tank through a maze of underground caverns and dungeons in search of new abilities you'll need to progress deeper into the levels. Each upgrade is hidden out of reach of your tank, and can only be obtained after exploring on foot. (This game is inspired by a certain NES game which I love) SPECIAL NOTE: 2 Free keys to anyone that agrees to make a youtube video of the game!

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Graphics showing only solid colours (Games : Helena The 3rd : Forum : Support : Graphics showing only solid colours) Locked
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Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Does this game not work properly with certain graphics cards or something? This is the first time I've tried it on my new PC, and I'm getting messed up colours. It starts out in black and white, and then goes to green and black after I move a bit to the right.

Interesting to note is that I managed to get my old, out-of-date indievania version working once I figured out how to disable the auto-updater (I guess the service for that is no longer operational?) and it looks fine. Strange. :S

Oct 12 2013 Anchor

Looks like a shader issue. I'd just disable the opengl extensions in the option menu, sorry.

Shit like this is while I'll just be building games in Unity from now on.

Oct 12 2013 Anchor

Tried that, doesn't seem to help. Thanks anyway.

+1 for Unity, great engine I've heard.

I updated my graphics card driver, and the game is playable again. The lighting still doesn't look quite right, but as I said, it's definitely playable.

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