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GunnRunner is a platforming, bullet-hell, shoot'em'up with an emphasis on speed running. The game is set in a virtual world controlled by sentient machines. These machines have destroyed your home planet and trapped you in an environment of their creation. Plow through every enemy in your path or skillfully dodge the onslaught of bullets. Venture deep into the constructed world of the machines, destroy every guardian, and discover the means to stop their vicious cycle of destruction. Do you posses the power to halt annihilation?

Hundreds of Hand-crafted Levels

Every tile and every pixel was meticulously placed to create a skilled environment. Nothing in this game is randomly generated. Learn how enemies react to your actions and maneuver around the levels with ease. Master each world and become the best GunnRunner on the Network.

Unique & Interesting Enemies

The machines that fill the Network are nothing you have ever seen. Each enemy has pre-built bullet and movement patterns that will keep you running and shooting.

Fine-tuned Movement Mechanics

No corner was cut. Continuously iterated to create the best feeling movement of any fast-paced platformer.

Level Builder

Desire more than the base experience? Dive into the level editor and create your own challenges. Share your work and show off your creativity.

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Just another step in the development process for GunnRunner. Here is a snippet from the Early Access page on the Steam Store. If you wish to read the rest, head to the page itself.

GR EarlyAccess

“We wish to foster a community through feedback and play testing. The game is close to completion, so we will appreciate all the help we receive. This is pixelCast Game's first title, so any early adoption will undoubtedly increase the quality of the final product.”

GunnRunner is current sitting at 60 levels across 3 difficulty worlds. Our plan is to have at least 140 levels across 7 worlds by end of summer complete with 1 boss per world. We also intend to bring user generated content with the help of the Steam Workshop. Users can already create levels within the game, but there is no easy way to share these levels yet. That will change before final release.

We highly recommend anyone interested in providing feedback to please join us on our Official Discord server.

GunnRunner Early Access - Soon(tm)

GunnRunner Early Access - Soon(tm)


We wish to foster a community through feedback and play testing. The game is close to completion, so we will appreciate all the help we receive. This...

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