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Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game. You're a hacker with full freedom to act as you want on a vast network of computers procedurally created. Each player action influence the world and therefore the other players.

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Hello everyone! Some time has passed since the last develdata. I will give you a brief summary of the development during this time.

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Hello everyone!

Some time has passed since the last develdata. I will give you a brief summary of the development during this time.

I have been expanding and improving the GlobalEventTime since this system is going to communicate with practically all elements of the game and therefore I need to be comfortable interacting with it from code and above all be scalable, so that when introducing new mechanics it is easy to add them without having to adapt other parts of the game.

I have re-written the email system between npcs (which will also be the one used by the players themselves), since it was not very optimum and sometimes gave problems to synchronize between server-client when the data volume was very large.

I have also created a procedural system of generation of faces that will be assigned to all npcs, with the collaboration of a friend in graphic art. These faces you will see at certain times, as in the employee files and the like. This system will also be used so that players can create their own avatar.

Finally I had to postpone the creation of dynamic missions since I needed to re-implement the mail system and adapt other related elements. Now that everything is ready, I will take it back and hope to have it finished within a period of about 10-15 days.

I tell you a curious bug that is happening, when at 20:30 in the game, GlobalEventTime stops finding events to manage, basically causing the world to "paralyze". As always happens, you find these problems when you are doing something different, so I have only looked over what may be the problem, but from what I have seen it does not seem serious, so I don't think it will take more than a couple of days to solve it.

Once this is complete, I'll move on to improving and adding elements in the UI and OS. How to add certain menus and more options in the OS, adjust sizes of windows, icons, texts, etc.

After the improvement of the OS, it would give a final review to the techniques and hacking tools that will be available in the first public beta. And after a private test and cleaning of serious and / or annoying bugs, I think it will be ready for public release :)

More news on the next develdata!

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