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Greed is a procedurally-generated twin-stick shooter, inspired by games including The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky and Smash TV. Guide your little dwarf through an increasingly challenging dungeon, mining precious metals and forging them into powerful, stat-boosting magic rings as you go. The game is currently in an early alpha state: it's four levels long out of a planned ten, and while most of the core gameplay features are in, more will be added over time. I'm currently not sure what the long-term plans for it are: I'm mainly doing this to achieve my goal to finally complete a full-fledged project, but I hope people have fun with it too :) Any feedback is very welcome.


Alpha demo containing the first four levels of Greed, a roguelike twin-stick shooter. Now with a boss and shiny new rings!3 Extract file, open folder of your operating system and run Greed.exe.

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