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Graal Seeker is a 2D game that blends RPG with roguelike mechanics and real-time tactical battles. It recreates the initiatory journey of a knight seeking the Holy Grail in fifth century Britain. Seek the Graal in a medieval Britain. Find your Graal based on the choices you make. Build a team and choose how to evolve your character.

Key features :

  • Find Your Graal based on the choices you make.
  • Real-time tactical battles with active pause.
  • Procedurally generated events and maps.
  • Permadeath and persistent world.
  • Moddability. Create and share your own Graal stories.

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Graal Seeker has been Greenlit!

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I’m happy to share with you this fresh news. After being 7 months on the Steam Greenlight platform, it has been Greenlit this week! It’s a nice surprise that’s happening. Indeed, I didn’t make as many updates as I intended to make this campaign successful and to make the community growing. But here we are! That’s excellent news and I would like to thank every one who voted, commented and have spread the word. Thank you!

What does it mean?

Being Greenlit means that our game Graal Seeker will have the opportunity to be released on the Steam platform. So it’s a really big news because I know now that Graal Seeker will reach the Steam market when it will be released.

So, what’s next?

My recent experience being an indie game developer, with all the financial implications, leads me to say no ETA, but don’t worry I definitely believe that it will come in 2016. I’m very optimistic for the future, and now I have to manage all the resources I can towards game development itself and provide more updates for the community.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned :)

Graal Seeker update: crowdfunding over and progress

Graal Seeker update: crowdfunding over and progress


What's next with Graal Seeker and some progress on the combat.

Graal Seeker update: new animations

Graal Seeker update: new animations


Discover some skills of the knight, druid and archer through new animations.

Graal Seeker update: the Bard

Graal Seeker update: the Bard


More details about the bard character and his skills today.

Devlog video #2 : The music

Devlog video #2 : The music


Update from Graal Seeker : a devlog video about the music and the sfx in the game, extension of our crowdfunding, reddit AMA event very soon with other...

eoliene - - 14 comments

Nice concept! Good luck !

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Guest - - 696,235 comments

Keep doing the good job on Indiegogo !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Xofolez - - 197 comments

this sounds a bit like Ogre Battle 64.... i hope so as it is a shame that that rpg style has not been involved in the indie community just yet....

Based on the direction this game is going I do recommend you guys take pointers from said Nintendo 64 game... just if you were to do it, dont mske rosd trsvel unbarible slooooowwww lol [the game's only flaw i kid you not, otherwise it is a 10/10

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loudo Creator
loudo - - 7 comments

Don't worry about slow road travel. I hope it will be fast enough for you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
gkmn - - 76 comments

nice, tracking :)

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