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Goscurry is a hard game, developed by Daniele Giardini with beats by Isak Martinsson, where you must relax and follow the rhythm (except for speedfreak modes, where things go crazy). Try to go as far as you can by piloting a ship on an infinite road, suspended over a stylized and eerie landscape, while taking sharp corners, evading hazards, and avoiding panic attacks.

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Amazing and fun

Connecting a simple runner mechanics with a original landscape and design, and without compromising on being darn hard, Goscurry is like the UR indie game. And as it is necessary in these cases, the soundtrack must be totally cool in order to bring you in this pastellated obsession.

We'll panic more and more as we get and miss the necessary rhythm - Goscurry is so simple but impossible to win - reminds me of something concerning my life.


Game is fun



Love this game. It's damn hard but still very enjoyable. Game modes are clever even the game mechanic don't change. The gfx is very nice, with a very good color palette and design - btw the idea of the backgrounds with text is uBer cool!
The soundtrack is wonderful, it's one of my favorite and after months I'm still listening to it.



A real classic game to sweeten up your arcade cravings and electro beat needs!


Cool Game


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