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Ok So after you've read something about the Plot let me explain you something else. Our game will not be a simple simulation of world war 2 but something else with a realistic strategy that should be used by the player to avoid the game over, with more then one option for an action. Obviously there weren't radars or else so you have jus your map with hypotesis about were you objectives are o not, even enemies. But don't worry you will find scouts sent by the QG in recognition, that are able to update your map with new details. Weapons are necesary and without them you'll not survive for a long time, you will find all the weapons used by the army in the conflict. multiplayer is a fatal combo of collaborating and self-skills, map are based on the feature to be optimal for all the weapons, from snipers to shotguns, and if your team is not compact... i don't know how hard will be win a battle.

The Multiplayer Alpha will be avaible soon , with three maps that i will not spoiler you, but follow us on our social to discorver more about us ;)



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Gun & Maps[Giugno2016]


Armi aggiunte per la Alpha / Weapons added for the Alpha Version

-US Army Corp.
  • Garand M1
  • Garand M1(sniper version)
  • B.A.R.
  • Browning Cal.30
  • Colt 1911
  • Springfield
  • M1
  • Mp40
  • Kar98K
  • Kar98K (sniper version)
  • Mp44
  • Luger
  • Mg44
  • Fg44
(Presto verra' aggiunto l'arsenale francese e quello inglese)

Mappe presenti nella Alpha / Maps Present in the Alpha Version

  • Spiaggia della normandia* / Normandy Beach*
  • Saint Lô
  • Campagna olandese / Holland Campaign

*Modalita speciale / Special Modality

La modalita speciale consiste nella incursione per conquistare il territorio nemico nelle spiagge della normandia...la composizione di questa mappa costringe a creare una zona difensiva per difendersi dagli attacchi della squadra avversaria.
Cio' rende il gioco piu' realistico e anche piu' immersivo perchè non lo rende neanche nelle altre modalita' il classico corri e spara.
Our Special Modality will be for the US Amy corp an assault to the Normandy Beach to conquer Nazis positions, while for the Germans means to fortificate their position to avoid enemies to complete their objective. I'm sorry but the Run and shoot method doesn't work this time :)
Per rimanere aggiornati potete seguirci qui o sul nostro sito
You can continue to follow us here or on our Website




[GIUGNO 2016] periodici da parte del team riguardo al gioco

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