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This game is a turn-based strategy game titled "Golden Age: Nusantara" and the theme is Majapahit era. This game tells about the events after the collapse of Singhasari Empire which resulted in the banishment of Raden Wijaya to Trowulan area, then later he establish a new settlement there which will become Majapahit Empire. in this game player will be tasked to assist Raden Wijaya and all the next Kings and Queens in establishing and organizing the administration in the capital city of Majapahit so that Majapahit can stand as an empire that can unite and bring glory to the archipelago of Indonesia.

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Prototype Studios on

We at Prototype Studios are now searching for a volunteer modeler to work with our upcoming game based on the popular tv series, CSI:Cyber. The project will be made in Unreal Engine, which we believe would provide very stunning visuals and great gameplay to gamers.

------- Your Role -------

Your role as a 3D Modeler would be as below :-
* Modeling environmental assets (Trees, Rocks, Roads)
* Modeling architectural assets (Buildings, Props, Furniture)


---- Skills Required ----

* Experienced in 3D Modelling
* Have experience in either Cinema4D, Maya, 3dsMax or Sketchup
* Capability to texture the models with programs like Photoshop or ZBrush.


-------- Planned --------

We're planning to release the project on Steam in the the timeline of December, 2016 -> January, 2017. If the project succeeds and is greenlit by the community, a sum will be payed to you upon the first sales.


-- Working Environment --

You are free to work in any part of the world, your models can be sent to us by email or using any File or Cloud Sharing services. You don't have a specific deadline for every task, a new task will be given once the previous was done.


To Apply

Apply by sending an email to : "heywhite69@gmail.com" or contacting us on Facebook : "Prototype Games"

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Golden Age : Nusantara
Windows, Android
Prototype Studios
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