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Run and jump, collect coins, confront enemies and avoid traps, open gates and find secret stashes. It's a simple 2D platformer with a twist: You're not a hero from the castle about to slay an evil dragon, you're a goblin cook working for the dragon! It starts slowly but things get more and more complicated as you go.


Your master has been robbed by a pesky rogue, and it's kind of your fault. Follow them through 5 different settings, from the dragon's lair in the Fiery temple of Doom, all the way to the Castle Keep, and return the stolen treasure! But beware, the closer you get to civilization, the more dangerous it becomes for a defenseless goblin.


  • Over 35 levels filled with enemies, traps and secrets.
  • Unique game mechanics for every world.
  • World map - know where you're going!
  • Two difficulty settings (casual & old school).
  • Ability to save & continue later, for casual players.
  • Keyboard (You can rebind the keys) and gamepad support.
  • Cool music by Kevin MacLeod


A free demo is available and it features the initial two worlds, so you can get acquainted with the story and mechanics very well. If you decide to buy, your save should work in the full game too!

Current status: released

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After a year...


It's been a year since the release of Goblin and Coins and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It was a great fun making it and only now I'm getting to fully appreciate the experience.

It started as a practice and grew up... mostly thanks to support from great people from the internet... but it was also very hard to finish it and not go crazy from pressure. At some point I knew I have to release it or it will never be done... and just save improvements for later. So I did and here we are.

What changed in the year since the initial release on Steam:

  • Added d-input support (Windows) alongside existing x-input
  • Old School mode made a bit easier by adding additional bean soup cauldrons exclusive to it
  • Added 2nd challenge map
  • Added support for Spanish and Russian language alongside English
  • Fixed all reported bugs
Now available on Steam!

Now available on Steam!


Goblin and Coins is now available on steam, with a discount

Preparing the game for Steam

Preparing the game for Steam


Various major and minor updates to the game in preparation to the Steam release that's coming soon

World 5 on the way

World 5 on the way


World 4 is being tested, level 5-1 available for testing too

Goblins and Coins has been Greenlit!

Goblins and Coins has been Greenlit!


Goblins and Coins has been Greenlit yesterday. This means that the game will appear on Steam once it's finished and ready.

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Goblins and Coins DEMO

Goblins and Coins DEMO

Demo 1 comment

Latest demo version. Contains 40% of the full game - the entire worlds Fiery caves of Doom and Cursed Graveyard. Get to experience enough of game before...

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