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Imagine that one day you wake up in the street, you have no idea what is going on, where you are and you don't remember anything from your life. There is no one who could help you, you are alone. What's more, you are in the glass world - beautiful but fragile. The world is breaking and you are losing ground under your feet. The only thing you can do if you want to survive, is run.

The only chance to rest is when the breaking wave stops. You have time till the second wave replaces the first. Alone in the dark you are trying to remember, the only thing you have is a photograph of father and a small daughter that you do not recognize. You hope that the found pieces of your memory will help you to find the path... the path to survival.

Soon you'll see what happens. Soon you'll get your chance to survive.

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New website


It's been more than one year since we released the trailer of our game. At that time we made commitment to ourselves, that we will work on this game to the point, when the game is perfect. We worked hard and we made really huge progress.

We redesigned the story a couple of times, also the graphics, the programming part...all because we got another idea how to improve this game. And now we are finally ready and we are preparing the game for publishing. Starting today, we are releasing lots of materials from the game. We will show you, what this game is about, what kind of features it has and why it is so amazing.

Cutscene screenshot 2014We have new website prepared, and a couple of screenshots, so you can check out the changes in graphics. Really soon, we will show you some videos, we will give you some information about the story and of course, we will show you every feature of the game.

Thank you for being so patient! Let us know how you like the news. Stay in touch!

And last, but not least. We would like to wish you a happy New Year 2014, the year when GLASS WORLD will be published. So, all the best in 2014.


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Guest - - 689,050 comments

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Guest - - 689,050 comments

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TheDiamondHeist - - 8 comments

Will the app on Ipad be free

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SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

How is this for PSP?

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Edgeinters Creator
Edgeinters - - 4 comments

Hi, sorry it was miss click when we updated supported platforms, but some of the newer psp will be probably supported (it's a low priority). We will start publish to mobile and desktop operation systems.

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juicytoot - - 1,640 comments

Somebody wanted publicity for his stupid game.

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Connor1998 - - 24 comments


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wiio6 - - 158 comments

you have to be a nub not to like that trailer

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CowBlaster - - 5 comments

Awesome trailer, looking forward to try this game :P

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Thilaksha - - 1,085 comments

Nice man real nice.

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