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Giant Bear Rampage leads you on a vengeful quest of destruction as a huge mutated bear with super powers!

After falling into Toxic Waste, a normal bear mutates into a Giant Angry Monster Bear... with Super powers to Unlock. Destroy everything in your sight to win! The only problem is, Humans will defend themselves with Guns, Bombs, Rockets and Lasers.


  • A Giant Mutant Bear - A mutant bear that has powers ranging from Plasma, Flame, Wind and Ice attacks which are all unlockable. Play as a Pizzly, Grizzly, Panda, a Polar Bear and more!

  • Destructible Environments - Cause property damage and defeat your enemies to progress! Punch and Smash buildings into rubble, Smash cars and uproot trees. Enemies and the environment can be burned by plasma, fire and frozen with ice too!

  • Unlock Super Attacks! - Explore Levels to find and collect Mutation Points, Mutation Points can be spent on unlocking new super powers, making you more powerful as you progress!

  • Large Levels to Explore! - Go through populated towns and cities, featuring different types of biomes and a colourful minimalist low poly art style. Interact with the world, trees can be knocked down, burned and destroyed, boulders can be destroyed to reveal secret areas.

  • Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard Difficulty Levels - For the challenge you want to face and if you want to collect all achievements. There are 60 Achievements to unlock for both random challenges and completing levels at different difficulty settings.

  • Cheat Codes - Cheat Codes are also hidden throughout the world and can be picked up, noted down and entered whenever you want to try them out! - I miss the days of cheat code books so I tried to keep the spirit alive!

Giant Bear Rampage is the premium Giant Mutant Bear Simulator of 2022! ʕ • á´¥ • ʔ

Other Information

Giant Bear Rampage will have content updates in the future and your feedback is welcome, From new super power suggestions or enemy types to include.

Please follow @GameDevMikey or @RedDragonInt Twitter Accounts for Quick Updates and Future Information about the Game.

Words from the Dev

This game was developed by a one-man band and has been a passion project for years, The game was initially Greenlit via the old Steam Greenlight system in 2017 but I continued developing the game since then and now it's here, without crowdfunding or a budget, just my free time. I welcome any feedback and suggestions too, I have a lot of updates and extra content to add to the game if the future budget will allow for it. Thank you all for your support, sharing on social media and adding to your wishlist. I will be making regular updates and posts going forward. Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the Steam Community page / Discussions!

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HELLO AND THANK YOU to anyone taking the time to read this! This is a quick article about the updates, changes and new features to Giant Bear Rampage! The Anniversary Update or V1.05!

My name is Mikey and I'm a one-man indie developer, I had developed the original release of the game on a laptop that was old and was barely over 720p in resolution, since then I have managed to update my hardware and work on it again.

I returned to Giant Bear Rampage to give it a new coat of paint for the 3-year anniversary! 🐻
@GameDevMikey is my twitter handle if you want to get in touch.

☢️ Small Example of the Level Design Improvements! 🐻

🐻 Here is the list of all updates and Improvements V1.05 ☢️

- Lighting Changes on Levels
- Updated Destruction Physics
- Updated and Improved Landscape Materials
- Updated Damage Overlay Artwork
- Updated Damage Functionality Artwork
- Improved Intro Level Area
- CheapCo Toxic Waste Pipeline
- Main Menu Buttons Improved
- Game Over Screen Improved (Buttons + Snark)
- Level Completed Screen Buttons Improved
- Improved Rubble Smoke and Destruction Effects
- Improved Rubble Mesh and Materials
- Improved Health and Energy Bars
- Upscaled Selected Power Icon
- New Level Geometry Added
- Shotgun Police Officer Tweaked Damage Effects
- New Particle Effects (Dust and Toxic Waste)
- Pause Menu Improved
- VR Launching Glitch Fixed
- Fixed Level Exit "Continue Playing" Issue
- Fixed Achievements for Plasma Damage to Trees
- Beating Level on Higher Difficulty Unlocks Lower Difficulty Achievements
- Improved Shotgun Projectile Damage Registering
- Improved Machinegun Projectile Damage Registering
- Tweaked Level Exit Text Size
- Tweaked Menu Background Image Scale to fit screen 100%
- Cheat Code "Pick Ups" added to levels 1-6 for the player to find!
- Slightly Tweaked Mutation Point Locations
- Tweaked long range aiming reticule brightness to reduce bloom
- Explosive Plasma Attack, Visuals Improved and Damage Effects
- Gravity Vortex Attack, Visuals Improved and Damage Effects
- Altered cost of gravity vortex super power attack
- Plasma Sphere, Visuals Improved and Damage Effects
- Inflation Ray Improved Visual Effects
- Rapid Fire Lasers, Improved visual effects and added impact effects
- Added Flamethrower smouldering smoke effect
- Fixed Freeze ray highlighting arrow above dead enemies
- Level 2 modified landscape meshes and tweaked lighting effects, increased civilian count
- New Sound Effects added for Lamp Post destruction
- Rubble and Impact sound effect volume levels improved
- Plasma sphere super power sound effects improved
- Added new rubble impact sound effects and improved old ones
- Matter Orb super power impact sound added
- Fixed justification of confirmation box text
- Level 3 modified landscape meshes
- Level 4 modified landscape meshes and tweaked lighting
- Added more mutation points to Level 4
- New dust and smoke effects added to building rubble
- Improved scoreboard and score tracking system for readability
- When current level goal is achieved, scoreboard colours change for readability
- Updated super power names in menu and super power overlay
- Improved Confetti converter super power particle effects
- Improved bullet collision logic for machinegun enemies, bullets do not pass through obstacles
- Improved shotgun shell collision logic, buckshot does not pass through obstacles
- Improved visibility and material for "Enemy Highlight" markers
- Added new impact shockwave effects for Matter Orb super power attack
- Fixed Confetti converter arrow above enemies after attack
- Loading Screen Z-Order fixed
- Plasma sphere super power effect recedes instead of despawning
- Tornado super power visual effects, particles and mesh updated
- Tornados are able to rip up trees out of the ground now
- Super power Iceberg visuals improved
- Added to Player HUD to track remaining mutation points on current level
- Improved Mutation point positioning in world and fixed location glitch

☢️ User Interface and HUD Update Comparison Images! 🐻

🐻 Updated Achievements and Artwork! ☢️

💻 For the YouTubers and Streamers etc... 😊Here is a png version of the Giant Bear Rampage logo, So that you can use it in your thumbnails.

Thank you for checking out my game! 😎👍

What is Giant Bear Rampage?! 🐻

What is Giant Bear Rampage?! 🐻


What is Giant Bear Rampage - A Kaiju Bear Simulator? An Article Explaining What the Game is About, Content Plans for the Future etc... ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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