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Collect and fight ghosts with intense tap battles, grow your collection in card format and enhance it.

What is Ghost Hunter Clicker?

Ghost Hunter Clicker is a battle clicker game with RPG elements, Card Collection and fusion System


  • Clicker Battles, Click fast to depletes the enemy HP to win, watch out, because the enemy is hitting your ghost too, later in the game you will have the special button to unleash a great attack against your opponent
  • Capture Ghosts with a blank card to add it to your collection, after this you can use de new ghost to battle other ghosts
  • Enhance your ghosts with Fusion System, every time you recapture a ghost, you get cards and use to upgrade the ghost up to 3 Star
  • RPG Elements - Level up your profile to get acces to better blank cards, the fusion system and more features in the game. Use the map to fight ghosts and discover the story behind the locations, Receive gold to buy blank cards and itens to Fusion.

More to come

We plan to update the game with more content, ghosts and locations, and new modes, its our first game on steam and we want to bring a great and fun game.

Hope you all likes it, and thanks for your support

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This is our first game! Thanks and stay tuned for news

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