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WE WANT YOU in the Imperial Space Force (ISF). Join us in protecting our borders from foreign and domestic opponents. Only in the ISF will you fly state-of-the-art space superiority fighters to protect the heavens with fortitude, skill and precision. Challenge your piloting skills by creating your own missions. Develop unique scenarios envisioned from your imagination. You decide the difficulty by adjusting the environment and opponents. Fight with the most devastating weapons against lighter opponents or truly test your skills against-all-odds.

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Work continues! Yes, it's been a while since the last update as life generally gets in the way. However good progress has been made.

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A great deal of work has gone in to how projectiles work. Mostly around collision. Weapons fire will look like they actually hit what they hit. Originally I used a rigidbody for movement but the simulation did not reflect kindly to the visual of the impact. Making it look like it never hit more often than not.

After a week of experimentation projectiles now appear to hit objects, even when they are moving. Speaking of moving, the new system is much more accurate against fast moving bodies, so projectiles will no longer pass through objects instead of hitting them.

Weapons fire

Currently there are two different gun types. Projectile and laser beam. The two guns on the left are laser beams (beam and pulse styles). The other two guns are projectile based. There is also a slight fire dispersion on the last two which you can just make out on the second to the right gun.

Flak cannons have been added to the new Midigo transport, so it's not totally defenceless after you've mopped up it's escorts. These have an explosive radius and will explode based on the targets range at the point of firing. So you could avoid most of the flak with some evasive maneuvers. Just don't get too close to the source or you will get burned

Flak fire from transport ship

Also pictured is the new cockpit canopy. No longer are Arming pilots required to suck vacuum while defending sovereign space.

Radar display showing enemy and missile contacts

A couple of adjustments have been made to the radar display. Targeted contacts will have a slightly larger blip and will flash to make it a bit stand out above any other contacts. The offscreen target indicator, located on the cockpit HUD, now fades in and out depending how far the crosshair is to the target, and is more visible when the target is within the view port boundary.

That's the more exciting stuff out of the way, at least what I'm ready to show. There has been plenty of refactoring to code to make life easier as we move forward, which has taken up more time than anything I have done above and isn't something I can show off. You can keep track of my development as it continues by following this trello board.

P.s. I've decided on the title Absolute Territory

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