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Enter a surreal fantasy world void of plumbing but rich in other magics and technology. Heavily inspired by the art and animations of Monty Python's Terry Gilliam. Unlock loads of useless (and useful) crap to help in your newfound royal career calling of crap-catcher on a quest to clean up the streets and save the people of Brown Town. Solve the cities plague problem through 14+ unique and amusing levels and meet lots of interesting characters. Try challenge mode and compete on the online leaderboards against other crap catchers. You can even mash buttons to make fart noises and prank your friends and family with the free fart soundboard. How much crap can you handle?

Based on true historical events (loosely) - "Gardyloo" was a term required by scottish law to be used as a warning shout in medieval times (mainly in Edinburgh, Scotland) when plumbing didn't exist and people had to use chamber pots which were emptied by servants into the streets ...even from 2-3 stories up (sometimes more). It was still in common use all the way up through World War 2 when some areas of town had yet to obtain indoor plumbing.

Game Features Include:

-14+ Levels (in Both Story and Challenge Modes)

-8+ Unlockable Buckets

-11+ Unlockable Poo-wer Ups

-20+ Unlockable Hats, Costumes, and Accessories

-Challenge Mode

-Online Leaderboards

-Controller Support

-Loads of Easter Eggs

-Free Fart Soundboard


-And more!

10% of all steam profits will be donated to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA)

**PLEASE NOTE*** This game is still very early in development and was only started within the past couple months - We have a LOT more planned for it so please keep that in mind. Check back frequently for new updates!

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We at Apostate Games are happy to announce our first steam greenlight campaign for "Gardyloo - Catch the Poo" - Go vote, follow, comment and share! :)

Gardyloo - Catch the Poo Official Steam Greenlight Page

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