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We’re excited to announce the release date for Gamer Career Tycoon! The ultimate gamer RPG simulation will be available on March 29, 2018 for PC via Steam for $8.99!

We know lots of people have been waiting patiently to play the game and we would like to extend a major thanks for the amazing community response to the announcement of the game. We have received many emails from you guys wanting to help out and beta-test the game before launch. We appreciate it and we are eager to listen to your thoughts and feedback after the release on March 29th!


Gamer Career Tycoon puts you into the shoes of a simple gamer trying to survive. You'll be juggling your gaming addiction, work, recreational time, and possible stardom. Play games, stream for fans, compete with the best or just sit on the couch and chill out, the choices are all yours.

Create your character, and follow your story!
Be whoever you want with the character system. From a skilled aimer to the charismatic smoothtalker, you can choose from many attributes and perks to develop your own playstyle.



Key features

  • Create your gamer and develop your own playstyle
  • Develop your own gaming stream channel.
  • Broadcast your content and gain worldwide fans.
  • Gain new insights in game trends or research improvements to your stream.
  • Start your esport career and choose to compete in MOBA, FPS, Digital Card games, MMO, Fighting, RTS, Sports or Racing.
  • Buy furniture, decorations and gaming gear in the shop.
  • Work IRL to gain extra credits.
  • Upgrade your way of life with better food, drink & faster internet.
  • Special Events - StreamCon and Esport Championship

Character creation - create your gamer.

screenshot13Gear setup - Upgrade your own gaming gear.

Full release in 7 days!

Thanks for reading! Please help spread the word!

BazlikMaster - - 44 comments

Put price on 7£, it`s lucky number.
Don`t forget bitcoin clicker activity in game.
Thanks for info.

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