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Conquer the galaxy by leading fleets of spaceships against your enemies!!!
Galaxy Wars is a Real Time Strategic game, inspired by the popular board game Risk!. The gameplay revolves around your strategic choices, where timing and resource management are key elements to prevail against your opponent.

Challenge up to 7 other opponents both online and offline in amazing multiplayer battles!!!
Choose between 3 different factions, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Discover the deep development system, upgrade your faction resources around your needs and strategy: choose between attack, defence, production and research.

Engage in epic battles and use the unique deadly weapons of each faction!!!
Study the best strategy to dominate your enemies, train on different maps and show your skill by flanking your opponent and surrounding him to cut off his refurnishments.

Factions The universe of Galaxy Wars is staged in a distant future where humanity has abandoned planet earth and started the colonization of the nearer sections of the galaxy. Huge distances and past tensions augmented the sense of isolation of the first colonists setting the roots of what will become three different galactic empires. Each Empire has its own distinct socio-economical trait and general belief toward life, death and, of course, war.

In Galaxy Wars you will impersonate the Commander of the Star Forces of your sector. Rising to the heights of renown and playing a key role for the safety of its own faction and, possibly, of the whole galaxy!

Every faction in Galaxy Wars, the Neo-Republic of Gen'yx, the Kenos Empire and the So-Zait Federations of Zaiten has its profoundly different background that will add personality to the Commander and that will give a sound background for the story that will unfolds episode after episode.

Gen'yx Neo Republic The Gen'yx Neo-Republic is a super capitalistic system where human rights are connected to the bank account. Planets have a “voting power” directly linked to the output of energy they manage to produce. The Neo-Republic, or GNR as it is often called, is at first glance, the most glamorous and free of the three factions, but underneath it conceals vast masses of dispossessed peoples that are used as slaves until they are able to produce enough credits to put into their bank accounts to be considered “humans” once again. Completely eliminating any idea of ​centralized power, the GNR have privatized every public sector. There is not a state itself, instead they have a conglomeration of corporations, the most powerful of them, united in a consortium, control every aspect of social, economic and political life.

Gen’yx are descendants of the most flourishing part of what was once the Terrestrial Galactic Empire. They consider themselves the only true heirs of the human race that, millennia ago, began the galaxy colonization. They claim the purity of their human form denying any kind of bionic coupling: through the process known as the Re-Humanization, the GNR have banned the use of old technology, replacing it with advanced techniques of genetic modification combined with the use of semi-sentient BIOMACHINES.

Outnumbered by their enemies, the So-Zait Federation of Zaiten Prime, they compensate this difference with their extremely advanced technology. The Gen’yx technology is based upon the most advanced discoveries of bio-engineering, through which they have reshaped from scratch its own genetic and technological systems, so that they’ll flow together in a new, highly efficient way. Each machine and piece of equipment has in its interior a sophisticated technology based on ganglia from the nervous tissue (obtained in the laboratory by cloning human cells) that structures itself as a sort of rudimentary brain. Guided by this kind of bio-artificial consciousness, those who are subject to appropriate genetic engineering can control from distance all technological equipment, as if they were part of their human body.

The political-economic structure of Neo-Republic is somehow the daughter of the Imperial one, the main difference between those is that the Gen’yx ideologues have pushed every aspect to its limitSo-Zait Federation The So-Zait Federation of Zaiten Prime are a deeply socialistic Federation of planets, each one forming a So-Zait (Kingdom of the people) that respond only to the central government on the planet Zaiten Prime.

Zaiten people lives a very poor and dull life, every aspect of which is controlled by the regime in a martial/monastic way. Extreme technology often blends with an almost rural landscape in which the only tall (gigantic we should say) building is the So-Zait Government Building.
There is a huge gap in the lifestyle led by people outside the Regime: the officials and their family are allowed to live in the So-Zait building while the rest must survive on little more than scraps in the endless suburban sprawl that surrounds the central building

The Zaiten are descendants of the inhabitants of the outer and most populous fringes of what was once the Galactic Empire. Most of their ancestors represented a huge percentage of the imperial population, downgraded because of insufficient income, they ended up becoming the property of the imperial coffers: human material used for the toughest, dangerous, and poorly paid jobs.
Their society is based on the virtual communion with a conscience that allows them to work with complex control over their technological devices and numerous bionic implants in the body thereby increasing the physical, mental and technological machines and bodies.
They are sober, spiritual, and dutiful people, united by a strong sense of belonging and election, driven by a constant search for improvement and evolution as a community.

The Zaiten society is a complex mechanism in which each component has a specific function and is necessary. The harshness of life of a Zaiten cannot leave much room for choice as an individual; everyone is responsible for a specific task, according to his capacity and skills, to which they cannot escape.
There is no waste of any kind: from the smallest bolt to the most incapable of individuals, for each component is found just a workable space. Control of the performance and fulfillment of the tasks is constant, thorough and strict.

Kenos Empire The Kenos Empire is the most distant faction from the common ancestral roots that humans share. Their technology is, perhaps, the most advanced while their social system is surely the most primitive one: Kenos is an Empire in the truest sense, and their Emperor is an almost mythological figure that clad himself in Egyptian like paraphernalia. Kenos society is thus divided in a very simple way: the Nobles or True Kenos and the rest: slaves. Around the God-Emperor, as they call their leader, legends spins as the strand of a spider web: voices wants him to be immortal, other says that he is truly prescient and can foretell events long before they happens. If this is true or not no one can say for sure because entrance to their capital planet is strictly forbidden for outsiders.

Mysterious and almost legendary they are the nomads of the Milky Way. No one is aware of their planet of origin, and their giant fleet moves from planet to planet scattering the vessels to expand what is called "the Kenos perimeter". The planets inside the perimeter are then assaulted by Kenos ground forces, who plunder the resources and enslave all their population. Most slaves are employed as laborers, or dedicated to the ground military forces. The luminaries and theologians instead are assigned to a mysterious project of which the rest of the galaxy is still unaware of.

Their society is built as pyramid: at the bottom of the social chain there are the slaves, the inhabitants of the colonized planets, which do not have any rights. Immediately above thereare soldiers, elite slaves who have distinguished themselves in battle. Above them are the True Kenos, ephemeral and alien-looking, which administer the justice of the priests, a small group of individuals who reside at the apex of the social pyramid; they dictate the political and military rules for the entire population of the great migrant fleet. Despite their small number, their strength is given by an overwhelming technological superiority and by armies of slaves, warriors with nothing to lose to which the inhibitions of fear have been removed.

The goals and the motives of the Kenos are still unclear but it is told that the Kenos are about to develop a weapon that will give them an absolute advantage over the other factions and that rumor is adding weight to the natural despise that the other two faction mutually share against the Kenos.

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- 3 full playable factions (Gen'yx, Zaitenand Kenos).
- Different Special Weapons and ship stats for each faction.
- Upgradable planets with 4 types of upgrades (attack, defense, production and research).
- Playable tutorial.
- Singleplayer skirmish vs AI.
- Multiplayer skirmish with differen modes (classic, fog of war and invasion).

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Galaxy Wars 1.0

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