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Galactic Leagues is a TPS/Coop in third person view, story base action/tournament

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Solo : Explore and conquer all base with multiple zones and levels in story mode.

Multi-Coop : A Team challenge with more skill and coordination .

Pvp : Be the winner in Arena with different Game-modes, to get number one

Pvp-coop : Team fights in complex Arena, use skill and strategy to be a Top Ranking.


Choose Hawkee with all its heavy weapons of mass destruction.

Take Panthra and Master the time, space and dark energy.

Otherwise Hedgie a specialist of Intrusion, diversion and system hacking.

One rule, made the right choice !

More to come...


After the creation of the universe, in different galaxies, many forms of life have appeared in different forms places.

Although their similar development has yet taken different paths.

Civilizations have grown up with each environment that caused them to develop in response their own talents.

Intergalactic war erupted between those peoples and during the millennia that followed, it was only death and destruction in the universe.

Then came the time of the Wise and Peace was established.

This was the beginning of the great intergalactic council which now governs all the hosts of the universe.

Centuries later our scientists discovered the existence of hitherto unsuspected multiverse. These other parallel universe from a different space-time, or other worlds have emerged.

Beginning exploration of the universe, we opened a time gate, which has unfortunately served as a bridge to Carnaliens for the invasion of our Galaxies.

Inter-Univers a war of unprecedented violence to then start, unprecedented violence as begin.

All Aliens survivors were locked up in prisons designed on the desert Asteroids endless cave bottom, protected by huge bunkers.

Was peace in the multiverse, but until when?


We are working hard to improve the gameplay with new features, Various environments, and new Characters before open the beta version. But the game is already playable, in solo and coop mode.


If you wish to contact us you can through Official Web site[www.galacticleagues.com] , Youtube or Steam. We will respond as soon as possible! Questions are always welcome!

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Galactic Leagues is an upcoming space adventure and shooter indie video game by Alien Theory Studio. Release is scheduled falling 2018, first on PC then PS4 and XBox One.

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