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Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque® is a Third Person Action Game on which you play as Ahmad al-Falastini, a young Palestinian Student who was unjustly tortured and jailed by Israeli Soldiers for 5 years, had all his family killed by an Israeli Airstrike and now, after getting out from the prison, seeks revenge against those who wronged him, killed his family and stolen his homeland, by joining a new Palestinian Resistance Movement called Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque®. Fursan al-Aqsa® is a Registered Trademark of Nidal Nijm Games © 2022, all rights reserved.

Post news RSS Fursan al-Aqsa Dev Blog #6 - Updated Models for IDF Soldiers

This article shows a small gameplay test of the new Updated Models for Israeli Soldiers running on Playstation 3, and a small "Behind the Scenes" of the creation of the new IDF Models.

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As you all know, I am creating my custom characters by mixing body parts from different models I purchased on marketplaces arround the web.

The base body of this new updated Israeli Soldier is from an USA Army Navy Soldier I got from CGTrader, and the attachments are from other models. However, to give these assets that fresh new appearance, I do some edits on the models itself (faces and vertices), and textures, so they won't look identically at the original model.

However, I am proud of that Israeli Hat you can see here:

I have created this hat by deforming this helmet which I used to the another model variation:

Added to this I created some sculped normal map to give that fabric texture to the hat.

And the riggin/skinning, is the standard workflow, I rig my characters to the UT3/UDK Skeleton, by manually painting skin weights.

I can say I have 2 years of experience on this workflow I created for my game, so things now go quickly.

Whenever you want to develop a game, first of all you need to think how you are going to do it, the tools/softwares you are going to use, how you are going to do such and such, the steps you will take. You need to elaborate this important base for your project, define the best and most eficient workflow to accomplish your game. This is called "Project Pipeline".

Whenever you have an efficient working pipeline, your project will succeed, and this will keep yourself motivated because your gonna see the evolution of your game, you won't feel yourself stuck at some point.

Just for example, I have elaborated a complete pipeline with all steps needed to get my custom characters to my game in UDK Engine, the same with maps (because I model all my Maps inside 3dsmax and then I export to UDK Engine), guns, vehicles, animations, and the like.

I think it took for me almost 1 year of trial and errors untill I was able to develop the complete workflow pipeline for my game.

Cheers and until next update!


he looks more like an imitator from hamas with that mask, but good job anyway

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udkultimate Author

Thanks mate for the compliments. Yes, IDF soldiers use this mask, but marjority dont use masks at all.

By using mask, I can reuse this same head on different bodies, to reduce work on modelling and focus on gameplay and other important things.

If you pay attention, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, use the same soldier model for all the game just changing textures, and this does not avoid the game to be enjoyable by players.

I am working alone, so I need to reuse my assets, and by this way I use less memory, which is very important for PS3 and Xbox360, and is a plus on PC version, which makes the game run smoothly on any low end pc.

By the way, did you download the game's demo? Pls, play it and give me a feedback.


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