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'Fry Me Omelettes' is not like your typical casual cooking game: You as chef, can fry eggs, in whatever fashion you may think of-- A beautiful sunny-side up, a creamy omelette, or a black pile of burnt crap! You will be facing the food critics at their mercy... or the other way round.

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'Fry Me Omelette', the egg-frying simulation game, has finally reach ver 1.3 !
This is the defining version you'll love to play, especially for those who haven't play the game yet.

What's New...

These are the new additions since ver 1.2:

  • 1 'Unlockable' Ingredient
  • 1 'Challenge'
  • New passing rate (from 'Stats' -> 'Overalls')
  • 2 new high score leaderboards
  • Some new judge sprites
  • More critiques from judges

​a total of 4 ingredients for filling.

Things that are change/revamp or fixed:

  • Displacements of shrimp in 'Record' fixed
  • Egg cooked-ness tweaked
  • Several bug fixes

More Complete Than Ever...

Now Fry Me Omelettes is in complete package, as originaly intended.

here's a quick list:

  • 2 Play Modes ('Casual' and 'Challenge')
  • 1 'Record' mode for you to see your previous cooking attempts
  • 7 Challenges
  • 8 Ingredients(fillings) & Dressings
  • 8 Unlockables
  • 18 In-Game Achievements
  • 4 High-Score Leaderboards (Kongregate Statistics)
  • 6 Holiday Opening Screens
  • X'mas theme (happens in Dec 24-31)
  • 8 Music Tracks (including X'mas theme tracks)
  • 200+ different Egg Sprites (just on 'Egg-Look' alone)
    & Unlimited egg dish possibilities!

Now a quick summary for those who don't know the game:
It's basically a sandbox game-- You do the cooking and then get points and unlock stuff and achievements.
The main gameplay process is like this: Frying -> Dressing -> Judge Panel -> End of Round

First: you fry an egg or omelettes using mouse actions (to simulate cooking) with no strict manual instructions. The game is designed to be as 'intuitive' as possible (maybe not player friendly). You may not know how to do it properly--but try to trust your 'cooking instincts', it takes tries to get the hang of things.

The 'Dressing section is about the same-- but without the fire & pan...

The 'Judge Panel' is another highlight of the game, where your dishes be judged by our food critics in sequences. If you win 2 judges or more, you get a 'pass' or 'ace', if not you got 'fail'.​

Little do people know there's 100+ of unique comments/critiques based on how you make your egg dishes.
Ver 1.3 adds 20+ new critiques and even some random comments, bringing more variety & humor to our players.

This is more than just a simple cooking game

The game lets you make specific dishes, or try all kinds of 'experiments', or just to troll our judges.
All in all, It depends on what you want to do as an omelette-frying chef.

​If you're an web gamer who's interested on sim games or cooking games, you might want to TRY 'Fry Me Omelettes'... Because It is, TRULY-- a cooking simulator like no other!

You can click this button below to play the ver 1.3 !


You can visit the game's landing page or the development log here.
Or visit via Facebook , Google+ or Twitter to follow & support my game.

Have FUN!

-Allen T, Snouty Plays

Official: Fry Me Omelettes Release & Features

Official: Fry Me Omelettes Release & Features


'Fry Me Omelette' has finally reached release version. It's now available exclusively on Kongregate.

Official: Game Release Date Is Confirmed

Official: Game Release Date Is Confirmed


Snouty Plays is back with an release date announcement: 'Fry Me Omelettes' will be released on November 24. (Thanksgiving Day)

Upcoming: Fry Me Omelettes Beta Online

Upcoming: Fry Me Omelettes Beta Online


Snouty Plays is back with an announcement: The upcoming online beta hosting of the game on MAY 30.

Pre-Beta Demo v0.59.4 & Hosting Period Extended

Pre-Beta Demo v0.59.4 & Hosting Period Extended


'Fry Me Omelettes' pre-beta demo is now updated to v0.59.4. Also, the demo's hosting period is extended till August 23.

SnoutyPlays Creator

'Fry Me Omelettes' has a new update! VER 1.3
Come play the game at:

-Allen T.,Snouty Plays

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SnoutyPlays Creator

Happy Chinese New Year 2017! :D :D

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That was very amusing, I loved playing it. It is longer to play than I thought and it does require actual thought. A gameplay is done on my channel now.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

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SnoutyPlays Creator

Dear visitors & potential gamers:

"Fry Me Omelettes" alpha demo is now out on Play.snoutycreations.com
But only within a limited period!

The demo ends on April 5, so hurry up & give it a try!
Please sent your feedbacks via my e-mail. Thanks!!

-Allen T., Snouty Plays

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