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Underwater is a 2 vs. 2 fighting game where two players in each team cooperate to control a submarine and fight the other team. Players enjoy the competition and cooperation at the same time.

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Weekly Update


a. What's new and what's the motivation?

1. Add vibaration to controllers.
With vibaration added to controllers, players can not only see the game or hear the game but also feel the game. It is a good way to inform players that something is hapeening because we can accurately control which controller to vibarate.

2. Add main menu page with corresponding transition effect.
Main menu page is usually the first page a player see. It make players get prepared for the game and make the game itself look more professional.

3. Change sprites (submarine and gun)
Changing to more beautiful sprites which fits to the theme (Submarine)

4. Add CD to Dash
In the previous version, we found many players use "dash" too frequently. We want to add limit to this.

5. Rewrite Shiled CD bar:
The previous shiled cd bar is not informative enough.

6. Add Shiled Functionality (avoid submarine collision)
The previous shiled is not useful enough. We now make shield more powerful to encourage players using it.

7. Remove "dizzy" effect when two players collide.
We got many feedbacks that this "dizzy" effect is too annoying.

8. Rewrite selection page code:
In the previous version, the character selection menu has some characters that flash before going black.

9. Add winning effect at the end of the game.
Make winning more eciting.

10. Add rotation effect when two submarine collide.
The original screen shake is a little bit annoying. Now we make the collision effect more natural and smoother.

11. Rewrite screen/camer shake effect.
Now the shake effect is more like a "spring" which is smoother. Screen shake effect only occurs when there is a bomb.

12. Some small improvements:
a) Change sprites mode to "point".
b) Add ammos at the beginning.
c) Change bomb damage calculation algorithm.
d) Make Screen Larger.
We do the above modification becuase of the feedback we received from play testing.

13. Add some signals to inform the players about the coming change on Staion positions.
Many players were confused when the stations suddenly change positions.

14. Change bullet/gun sprites.
Make special effect more cool.

15. Use another input system to fit to both PS4 and Xbox controllers.

b. What's next?
1. Redesign the theme of our game.
Now our game is more like gundams.

2. Change how selection page looks.
Quite a lot sprites in our game are drawn by ourselves. We've already finished about 65% of new selection page.

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