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Take back your pixels! The world of Pixia was made up of pixels, the very building blocks of life, but the pixels were taken for granted when a great world war arose. They deserted Pixia, leaving it in complete darkness. You play as Lexi, the chosen one who was foretold would bring the pixels back. Use the Pixel Eater to defeat enemies and take their pixels. Acquire new abilities by defeating bosses to reach new areas. Search for secrets to gain additional abilities such as increasing the size and speed of your Pixel Eater. The pixels are awaiting to return home, but you must prove their worth!

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So I was contacting a YouTuber about playing my other game, Magical Star Pillars, and he ended up playing Fractured Particles, a game I shelved a while ago. Even though I corrected him and he started playing MSP, eventually the thought came to me: Why not put FP on Greenlight? Since it's about to shut down, you have nothing to lose.

So after so long of being shelved, Fractured Particles is back... if it gets Greenlit that is. I am still working on Magical Star Pillars as my main event but if this gets Greenlit, then all focus will return to FP. So if you liked this game, now it's the chance to give it new life on Greenlight. Click on the banner beneath to check out the Greenlight campaign.

copy lexi banne6

New Demo and new site

New Demo and new site

News 2 comments

Much has been done since the playtest version of the game. Here I tell of the new demo, the new site, and future plans for the game.

Searching for playtesters, will pay cash

Searching for playtesters, will pay cash

News 2 comments

I have finally released the demo for Fractured Particles but I am in need of playtesters.

HenryT77 - - 501 comments

I will try to find cat :)

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starry_eye - - 1 comments

will try it this week... :P

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