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What Is Flight Catastrophe?

Not everything goes as planned. You need to be prepared to act and often act fast when an emergency occurs. Especially when you’re onboard the 40-ton airplane flying seven miles above the ground. In that case, things can get really bad, really quick.

Feel Like On A Real Plane!

In Flight Catastrophe you have a chance to experience the realistic representation of a passenger airplane. You need to know every nook and cranny of it - the decks, the engines, the cargo bay - not a single place can escape your attention, as the danger can happen literally anywhere!

Make Difficult Choices!

In a time of danger, you are often forced to make choices under the pressure of time - and on a plane every single second matters! Should you try to disarm the terrorist or negotiate with him? Should you tell the passengers about the engine malfunction? How do you adjust the controls during a strong turbulency? Don’t hesitate - everyone is counting on you! But fear not - if you fail, you will have a chance to try again and learn on your mistakes - hopefully for the best!

Prevent the Catastrophe!

In Flight Catastrophe your job is to save the lives of the crew and the passengers during the unforeseen, life-threatening situations. The fire, the engine malfunction, or a terrorist on board - you have to handle it! You’ve got a range of options, from simple repairs and adjusting the controls to coordinating the actions undertaken by the crew or even identifying the passengers who can help in certain situations. In a time of need every help matters!

Luckily, You Know What to Do.

In Flight Catastrophe you become the crisis management specialist - a person responsible for identifying and handling any life-threatening situations during the flight. Your main task is to respond to emergencies, as well as to coordinate the actions of the crew and the passengers if necessary.

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Hi there!

We are Trigger Labs and we want to show you an official trailer from the game we're currently developing - Flight Catastrophe.


In Flight Catastrophe you are a crisis management specialist, trying to prevent the airplanes from crashing. Your job is to identify the danger, eliminate it, and save the passengers along with the crew. Cabin fires, engine malfunctions, terrorists- these are just a few things that can threaten the safety of your plane.

In the time of crisis, you are in charge.

Watch the trailer here: Flight Catastrophe official trailer

You can also visit our Steam and add it to your Wishlist!

More dev updates in the future! We are planning on releasing the game on 2 September 2021.


Trigger Labs


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