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Imagine what we used to think of space exploration before we got to the moon. It was this frontier of unknown. Fleet Hackers is about exploration of the unknown. The challenges in space beyond the conflict of creatures. The force of nature being far to unforgiving in a hostile environment. This is a strategy survival space simulation game. You command a crew of "The Lone Ranger", an old prototype naval frigate with the ability to overcome some overwhelming odds.

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Some game updates on the latest build with some screenshots!

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It's been really long since I updated this page, but here it is. The prototype had a massive rewrite. We've been working with a lot of different ideas in flight mechanics, how ships should move, how users get to interact, and through a lot of those iterations, we arrived on a very Homeworld like movement scheme, but we are aiming to put a hell of a twist on it.


The major components of movement:

  • There's a galactic plane, we pull back the map from a third-person view of the ship to view a vibrant map that will be full of wire frame goodies.
  • All ships understand that their orientation can roll (relatively speaking) in any direction, this means in combat ships can roll upside down to hit other ships with specific weapons.
  • Ships will have:
    • Manual movement - you can pilot certain ships in certain conditions.
    • Auto-navigation when engaging in combat. Attack patterns and navigation way points.
    • Tactical group movement, when formations are effective.
  • Finally, the engines may also take damage, reducing speed and power overall in the ship


Major components for weapons:

  • Firing Arcs
  • Energy drain (uses same power source as movement)
  • Weapons that rely capacitors, missiles that launch when locked, and weapons that charge slowly but are extremely powerful and don't rely on capacitors.
  • Weapons take damage, and are destructible.

As you may have noticed the perspective is a little different between the two screenshots above. We are building a subsystem management mode where you get to go in and inspect the ship and manage the crew and components inside. Then you get to pull the map back and take a look at the overall battle with a seamless transition.

In the coming weeks as summer progresses, we'll keep you updated as much as possible on the various additional subsystems we'll be implementing. For a quick overview, things like tractor beams, cloaking systems, shields, sensors, and much more will be detailed and here as our prototype progresses.

We have most of these components ready for a presentable prototype, and are well on our way to scripting the demo level for all to see. The gameplay footage will be around 3-5 minutes, and we'll be showcasing what a typical level in Fleet Hackers will be like. We hope to get this ready by end of summer. See you all then!


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