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Fears is an adventure game, where you make decisions with massive consequences. Characters can die, also your own. So make your decisions wisely. This game is more like a movie or the adventures from Telltale. But I hope it will be make fun at least.

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First you have to know what "Fears" is, Fears is a survial-adventure-point and click game. It will have a storyline, where e´very choice you make have have consequences. All can die ! Maybe one of your companions or yourself. So choose your decisions wisely.

Implemented :

  • Inventory system.
  • Fighting system
  • Relationship system
  • Many choices system
  • Ability system

Will be later but safe :

  • Money system
  • Food system
  • Expanded ability system
  • Moral system
  • City system
  • Companion system

Maybe, maybe not:

  • Multiplayer
  • For mobile phones
  • Building system



Hi, this is my first development news of "Fears" This time it´s about the inventory system.

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