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Life always has some room for a hero, especially if you live in a world where the Earth is dead, and all you have is a battered spaceship and a brave heart. So your life’s dream is to achieve space-wide fame? Well, your time has come! False modesty aside, FAR7 is a revolutionary MMORPG where you will find yourself at the controls of a starship right in the window of your browser. It’s all for real: battles and real-time voyages, mind-blowing music, loads of weapons, hilarious quests, trading, friends, foes and heroic deeds! So you want to be a pirate? Go ahead and be one! Want to buy up all the goods and dictate the prices? There you go! Or is it that you want to fight in a massive battle that will tear half a system to pieces? Well, don’t forget to take your missiles! FAR7 lives according to rules of its own: this is not your common world-saving mission.

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After renderer update FAR7 is working faster and looking even more awesome! There were more than 30 changes during last 10 days.


  • Now on sector rebuilding all moving objects got their animations.
  • Now you can move camera from ship while moving.
  • Button to center on player ship was added.
  • From now if you return camera to your ship while moving camera will follow ship.
  • Effect for gripper was updated.
  • New effect for levelup.
  • Ship exhaust is now really hidden for dirtyRects.
  • Force world redrawing added after returning to game tab.
  • Ship names now do not left any artifacts.
  • Planet titles now working fine.
  • Now you can switch off deep space animation.
  • Additional anti-aliasing settings were added.


  • New hybrid version of minimap.
  • Now players and NPCs ships looks different on minimap.
  • Active entrances to asteroid fields are now animated.
  • All objects from now has more accurate positioning on minimap.
  • Now you can drag camera using minimap.


  • Fixed problems with dialog window of quest getting from item.
  • System messages and messages recieved in one second are now sorted right in chat log.
  • From now if you scroll chat upwards it will not scroll down on new messages.
  • Color picker for you ship is not falling under windows.
  • Fixed problem with on-board computer cloning.
  • Spaces are now trimmed from username and password to avoid problems on loggin in.
  • Problem with text formating on on-board computer was fixed.
  • Now there is a protection from message duplication in on-board computer stack.
  • Backspace is now blocked while not in chat. New hotkeys were added: F1(center on ship), F5(sector reload), Enter(focus on chat input).
  • Enhanced fonts setting was added.
  • Settings dialog now can use inverted checkboxes.
  • New tooltips for sector reload button and connection box were added.
  • New settings were added to dialog. Buttons positioning was revisited.
  • From now if you send outdated token you wont get error, instead of that you would be redirected to index page.

I like it!

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It looks really cool, especially the background. But I espect more from this game because all I see are spaceships. maybe the ability of constructing Turrets, mining-asteroids and heavy ''clan-faction bases'' :)

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Very Great! very intresting Game!!

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at first glance, I thought the title said "FART". that made me lol

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sontan_by Creator

Yep, we recently found out about this funny problem. Do not know what to do with that :)

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sontan_by Creator


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