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Facewound is a 2D side scroller which uses 3D acceleration to bring 2D games up to date' If you have a pixel shader 2'0 capable card you're in for a treat with effects such as water reflection and refraction, explosion shock waves, refracting rain and heat refraction' The engine also features an impressive to watch particle physics engine which makes things like sparks, water impacts and bullet shells really fun to watch' Our original aim with Facewound was to make a 2D game with all of the effects of something like Counter-Strike:Source and more' And I think we've achieved that' We're keeping the gameplay as simple as we can' It's a run and gun' If it moves, shoot it' You're likely to be attacked by zombies, spacebrains, ghosts, skeletons, rocks, fish and more' On your way through the levels you collect plutonium, which you can use to buy new weapons (of which there are lots)'

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-new monsters
-new maps, sprites
-new characters
-new environments
-new sprites/effects
-there MIGHT be multiplayer, I am not sure yet.
I have note decided everything YET, I plan on adding more and more as I go.
If you want to signup, sponsor, or give me advice, please send me an e-mail to me at jbloodraven@yahoo.ca or, you can contact me on steam as harlan4040

Facewound Released - For Free!

Facewound Released - For Free!

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After nearly 3 years of inactivity we've decided to release 'what we had', for free.

Facewound added to MODDB


For those that don't know, is a hardware accelerated 2D platformer. The controls are similar to those of 3D FPS games such as Half-Life and Quake...

Modcast S02 E02

Modcast S02 E02

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Another week goes by time for the Modcast Crew to fill you in on a weeks worth of modding!

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FaceWound Preview 9

FaceWound Preview 9

Full Version

An early version.

FaceWound Preview

FaceWound Preview

Full Version

An early version.

Very first build of facewound.

Very first build of facewound.

Full Version

An early build.

Facewound [SuperMOD] Beta2

Facewound [SuperMOD] Beta2

Demo 2 comments

Old Facewound of 2008 + Improvement Mods = New Impressive Facewound. What's new? -Improved Weapons -Big Explosions -100X More Enemies -Hour of FUN

Facewound "Dev10c"

Facewound "Dev10c"


The very first released version of Facewound; little more than a functional programming exercise at the time of original release.

Facewound Source Code

Facewound Source Code

Source Code

The source code of the canceled Facepunch Studios game Facewound, originally released on the 25th of May, 2011.

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Guest - - 693,073 comments

muertos vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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WarHedd - - 227 comments

how will this game never be finished?..lol..and cool thanks for the freeness of the gamersersers

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Dearnike - - 107 comments

Damn,the puke monster is ugly

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matwachich - - 4 comments

How about becoming OpenSource??? PLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ mister garry, release it! so we can continu the journey of this AWSOME game!

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Shot846 - - 269 comments

Dammit GARRY already released SOURCE CODE:

facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1091601 (put http xd)



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Harlan1010 - - 11 comments


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Deathace13 - - 196 comments

R.I.P* Facewound.

*Development has ceased

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airith - - 26 comments

some of the cheats are V for noclip, P for all weapons and N for 100 credits Y for lightning Z for slowmo without using energy X enables wireframe skeletons and i think thats it but there may be more

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TommyGun00 - - 59 comments

Heh i found 3 cheats in the game 1st is noclip 2nd is all guns and 3rd is 100 credits XD but i wont tell what buttion it is.
(i found them in FaceWound)

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Arctic« - - 408 comments

i'll tell just search everywhere then you found this

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