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-Pigmen and creepers were the first inhabitants of the world. I based
this on two things: 1- creepers are the race that stand out from the
others, meaning they didn't evolve from others, and 2-See "Pigmen"
below. Slimes were also one of the first inhabitants, but they didn't interfere with the world or other species.

-Mineshafts were built by humans. Humans always want more power, so it would make sense for them to mine ores.

-Strongholds were built by pigmen. They were interested in the
possibility of other dimensions and scientific advancement: Think of
strongholds as labs. It explains the portals located inside.

-Dungeons were built by creepers. All creepers want is to eradicate the
other species, so they invented spawners and used chests as bait.

- Mushroom biomes came after the Nether incident. See below.


Pigmen, as I said above, were interested in scientific advancement. So
the first time they tried making a portal, it failed and the resulting
effect took some of their DNA and created two new species: pigs and


Humans carried the pigmen's intelligence. However, they became more and more greedy, making enormous mineshafts.


Carried the pigmen's appearance and physical advancement but were very dumb. Nothing important here.


They seemed peaceful at first, but they were just hiding their true
intentions: become the dominant species. So they built dungeons, but
they needed a way to kill their enemies without killing themselves.


In one of the strongholds, while Pigmen were testing their portals,
creepers swapped some chemicals to ones considered cursed, because they
needed soldiers to their cause and expected to enslave the beings that
would come from the portal. When it was activated, the Nether beings
invaded the world.


Was the place that used to be the Ghasts' home, before they started
doing the same thing as pigmen, opening a dimensional rift that
destroyed their world. Result of this rift was the End (see below).


All used to live peacefully with the Ghasts. When the accident happened,
they just wanted to take revenge on everything else, because they
couldn't contain their rage.


Shells of what used to be civilization on the Nether.


-Humans were affected by the mysterious plagues coming from the Nether.
Some became hungry zombies, others retained some intelligence to use
bows and became skeletons.

-Another Nether plague affected insects. It explains giant spiders and silverfish.

-Pigmen, trying to stop the destruction Ghasts and Blazes were making,
formulated different ways to close all Nether portals: one of them was


As I said above, the dimensional rift that destroyed the Nether created
an dimensional plane, the End. It was all empty except for some floating
islands, but the pigmen though using the physics of this world would
close the Nether portals, which were opening randomly. Unfortunately,
the End had twisted physics and nothing was right there. So the pigmen
didn't enter.

However, remaining humans wanted to get away from all the conflict with
their precious minerals. So they entered the portal, being chased by a
Ghast. Since nothing worked right in there, they were mutated into the
Endermen. The Ghast that chased them mutated into the dragon.

The physics of the End don't affect the
humans who came later (players) because a long time must be spent there
for consequences to appear.


Humans who entered the End and could never change back. As a result of
the End's strange physics, they learned to teleport. Knowing they would
never be human again, and would never have their ores again, they just
steal blocks to remind them of their former self. They
attack when you look at them because, remembering they were once like
that, they have a great fear you could kill them, knowing a human has
greater strength than them.


With success on their plan, the creepers used what the Nether offered to create monster spawners and destroy their enemies.

They entered the Nether, seeing it was the only way to stop
everything. They were affected by the plague, but they invented a device
to make the plague only affect them physically, however it was too late
to save the humans since they were already on the Nether, only having
physical changes. They used all their remaining technology and
enchantments to close themselves inside, saving the overworld, it's
inhabitants and their pig brethen.


Here it gets complicated: There is no "Steve". The remaining humans were divided in two groups:

-Those who tried to escape the plague and made a mass exodus on boats.
That, combined with Ghasts sending them everywhere, resulted in the
complete separation of the species. That means every game is true: since the world is so big, no human will ever find another. Works for SMP too: some humans traveled together in their escape.

-those who preferred to become very dumb, since the plague only affected
intelligent species. They made small villages and lived peacefully.


They used to peacefully live in the world, being one of the original
species. Lived on the surface as well as in caves, eating natural
materials such as wood and stone. But when human miners started to
invade their homes, slimes had to defend themselves, but with their body
not being ready for combat, they were being defeated.

Humans then discovered that slimeballs were useful to glue tools
together: they began to hunt for them. By the time of the Nether
invasion, slimes had already retreated to the depths of the earth, on
places humans wouldn't find them.


The Nether, being full of mushrooms, infected the places with randomly
generated portals (not pigmen created ones, just the portals being
opened around the world during the invasion). Yes, that means every mushroom biome used to be an invasion point with a portal. Animals (cows) who wandered there were infected by the fungi too.


They become zombie pigmen because the lightning activates genes that had
split pigmen into humans and pigs, transforming it into a pigman again.
The reason it's zombie is because the transformation back is not
perfect and so they don't become "full", rather they become similar to

(fan-suggested section on records removed because it was stupid)


Creepers get supercharged because of a device they implanted in their
body to help destroying remaining humans, but it requires a large amount
of energy. When they're hit by lightning, the device is activated,
making their explosion much more dangerous.


Pigmen creation, engineered only to fight blazes. The pigmen taught
humans how to create them during the Nether invasion, so they could
defend themselves.


-Pigmen now live in the Nether, with the same mind as before, but in a world too dangerous for their old civilization.

-Creepers succeeded in becoming the dominant species.

-Also means humans are slowly dying out, and with creeper attacks,
undead and monsters, and natural death, they will eventually become
extinct. Remember respawning is just a game mechanic.

-Humans build big structures and mines, since they remain greedy.

-Endermen walk in the world without a purpose to live.

-Some humans don't realize they need to
fight together to survive, and try to steal from each other - which
could be expected seeing humans are greedy already.
(PvP in SMP). Some just want to kill others in a way they have fun, while still minding the diamonds (griefers).


Thanks for tracking Fight for Dawn.

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Man, your profile is cheesy

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Im back sorry about the AFKness lol. Thug RPG is rolling once more. This summer it will come out, and i will spend the rest of the summer on updates fixes patches and the sequel. I learned my lesson with my old games people seem to like my new ones more because im taking my time and not spamming games at them. Although i really should be on top of updating my projects. So in honor of fandom im gonna finish up mission house 1 and have a ready to roll demo/beta for next week.

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