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Experiment Gone Rogue is a sci-fi action VR game set in a dystopian future where an alien race, known as the Cirinians, has come to earth and asserted itself as the ruler of humanity. The positive public image they have created for themselves acts as a vail to hide the experiments they have been performing on us. But it's exactly those shady tests that end up biting the Cirinians asses when they accidentally let loose their most dangerous creation who proceeded to slaughter its creators.
In Experiment Gone Rogue you take the role of a genetically enhanced super soldier who was created with the sole purpose of warfare. Punch your way through enemies, ride flying vehicles, dual wield any gun you come across, fight monstrous bosses, eat cupcakes and visit the interactive strip club to relax after all that rampaging.

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We at Repulse are proud to announce that we are finally launching the Full Release of Experiment Gone Rogue!

EGR is out on Steam with new and exciting changes. You can find the full game HERE ON STEAM.

Released December 21st 2018

This Changelog includes most changes to the game from version 0.976 to version 1.0

  • 2 New Enemies - The Cirinians realized their foot-soldiers were not the brightest, so they engineered some smarter sergeants to lead them”, “Some valkyries were sent to training and came back ambidextrous - they can now wield two swords - TWICE THE Danger!

  • Tutorial - We figured the players might want to experience what’s it like to train as a Cirinian, so we got access to their top secret training program, and now YOU can be as strong as them.

  • 1 New Level - We came into the office one day and found out that the Cirinians have added a whole new facility to their infrastructure overnight. We’ve tried removing it, but with no luck. We’re sorry.

  • Locomotion Improvements - If you’re tired of getting sick or moving at a snail’s pace, we addressed both those issues with some of our in-house handmade CODING MAGIC by adding speed options and some motion sickness related improvements.

  • Interactable Physics - We felt that the dancers in the bar were lacking something important. They lacked... jiggle! With the new interactive physics you can interact with the girls in a more fun way. And there is plenty of jiggle!

  • Credits - We realized you have no way of knowing who’s responsible for your adventure, so we added CREDITS.

  • Dancers, new facials - No matter what we tried the dancers seemed unable to experience the simple joys of life, so we sent them to an acting coach, and they can now at least fake emotions (Women! Am I right?).

  • FPS improvements - Cirinian tech seemed quite heavy on our earthly computers, so we did our best to make it run more smoothly.

Fixes & Small Changes

  • Gun angle - Our office blew up with reports of weird aiming angle on Vive. Apparently the coders wrists are made out of titanium and they didn’t notice that you have to break your wrist to aim the guns. So we made them fix it.

  • Hairless females - All the dancers were sent to a hairdresser to fix the nests they had on their heads. Apparently exotic dancers aren’t good at doing their own hair. Go figure.

  • Demon eyes - A demon whose name only programmers know had snuck into our females and made their eyes pitch black. After multiple exorcisms we managed to get him out. He is now having tea with the programmers somewhere.

  • Some new menu options - The menu seemed lonely, much like us when we had no testers, so we decided to add some new options that will help make the game more comfortable for whoever is playing.

  • Lighting changes - The old light bulbs we put in were getting the job done but they weren’t blowing anyone away. That’s why we put up some new mood lighting to make some places look and feel better.

  • Textures, materials and art - With the help of some artsy fartsy people, we tried to improve the overall look of the game.
Experiment Gone Rogue

Experiment Gone Rogue


Experiment Gone Rogue is releasing soon. Here are some things you should know.

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