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You play as Shaun Randall... after your time in the military, you lived a quiet, maybe a bit boring life. You worked as an office employee in a preserved food facility, your payment was good enough for you, your son Mike and your attractive but ordinary wife Kelly. One day, you wanted to go to work, but a Taxi knocked you down. You survived the accident but you`ve lost your legs. They where petrified forever. You would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of you`re entire life. You`ve been assigned to a mental hospital after you`re first try to kill yourself. One of the Therapists, Doctor Van Wargen, had understanding and compassion for you. He gave you an Injection that killed you. You`ve been euthanised. The Doctor did everything necessary so It would look like a suicide. Patient Shaun Randall: Suicide - Died 21 January 1965 In that sleep of death...what dreams may come?


Thanks for downloading the Euthanasia Patch #1 *********** Installation ********** Copy the folder into your euthanasia install folder. Make sure it replaces all the relevant files. Let it overwrite (click "yes to all") *********** Important *********** This patch adds working savegames for every level, so if you are stuck or something goes wrong, you can simply load the next level. ********** Changes ********** This Patch deletes Level 4 and 9. It sadly wasn't possible to keep these levels in the game, they where simply too large and they did overload the system memory (The engine tends to do that). Sadly this ruined one of the most beautiful and the most important level of the game. One of the levels featured handdrawn painting by me, a mirror you could jump through into an old fashioned room and creepy lightmapping. The other one was very important for the story,

Euthanasia Patch#1
jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

Really a damn shame your game had to suffer the " function over form " syndrome. You might attempt releasing the other levels as smaller block installments - creating an episodic form of the game ? Just a thought.

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Serygala Author
Serygala - - 548 comments

Thanks for the idea! I don't think I'll keep working on this game. My new project is a bit too time consuming.

However, I will add the 2 Levels as Bonuscontent to the new Game. ("Relict")

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juju102 - - 31 comments

I can't find the all i see is the patch please help.

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Serygala Author
Serygala - - 548 comments

Just google "Euthanasia Game" :)

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Cannabis74 - - 1 comments

I appreciate your game and efforts awesome. :)

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thenextgman - - 10 comments

hey i really like this game thanks for makeing it =D

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rusty108 - - 1 comments

hey im having trouble playing this. ive downloaded the game and the patch, but don't know where to put the patch. Its probably really simple but im stupid at this sort of thing. any help would be appreciated :)

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sinead188 - - 1 comments

hey , i having trouble strating the game it says i need to put the patch somewhere but i dont know were to put it, if someone could help i would be really gratefull :P

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matco5376 - - 2 comments

Hey so I get this error when I select "Start Game" in the menu;
---> 1334: Run,Main.exe,A_ScriptDir
It says the parameter is incorrect. What can I do to fix this?

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Guest - - 693,174 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

drummer4815 - - 1 comments

i keep getting this same error message...

Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:
Action: <Main.exe>
Params: < >

The current thread will exit.

Specifically: The parameter is incorrect.

Line #
1334: Run,Main.exe,AScript_Dir


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RAMPAGE572 - - 23 comments

Lol patch 1... yet no actual game download... well thats lovely

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makaro - - 119 comments

how do I download this game ? All I see is a pack,not the original game.
I am supposed to get the FPScreator ?

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Guest - - 693,174 comments

Where's the game download? All I see is the patch only.

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Guest - - 693,174 comments

hello is this an official game download ?

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