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Defend the galaxy from tyranny as the captain of your own ship and crew in Eslander.
Choose between 6 factions from around the galaxy and prepare for dangerous missions. With each encounter you'll face unique challenges with many possible solutions. How will you stop incoming rockets from destroying your shields?

This spacecraft simulation allows you to lead your ship and crew into adventure through a galaxy with many secrets, glory and bitter defeat.

Your father disappeared in a battle with a mother ship of the ancient Didag faction. According to reports from his missions, he was looking for a way to defeat the enemy of our galaxy. Unfortunately, this mother ship of Didag has found coordinates on our home planet and is about to destroy everything we have fought for.
Take on the responsibilities and difficulties of being a space captain. Follow the commanders' orders to uncover the whole story of Eslander's galaxy.
Try to make the right decisions to keep your crew alive and your ship repaired and ready for battle at all times.
Only in this way will you be able to save your world from the doom that awaits it.

Collect a variety of asteroid resources and sell them in space stations. With the collected credits you can buy new items such as: weapons, shields and many others.
Your ship hull points are low? And you are out of money? The answer it's - Go and harvest Asteroids...
Choose between many of kinds asteroids.

Find many of Asteroids and Didag's spaceships to fight them! See what the Eslander galaxy hide for you! Now you can visit each Solar System and each part of them. But just for your information, your spaceship have some limitations of jump lenght!

Weapons or shields? Skillfully manage the flow of energy in your ship to handle critical situations.
Not enough Power? Hmm.. Maybe you have to stop your Engines and redirect the power from core to your weapons to defeat your enemy! Be careful what you are buying. Maybe your spaceship are not good enought.And can't handle with the needed power from the items.

Reasonably command your ship's most important resource.
Keep your crew alive, or you'll be left alone.
Each crew member contributes to the management of your ship and the battles. The fewer crew members you have, the harder it will be to navigate your spaceship into deep space.

Master the art of space combat and unlock the secrets of the Eslander Universe.
See you soon Captain!

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Major Update

We've added a tutorial with over 50 steps to introduce you to most of Eslander's capabilities.
You just have to enter from the main menu and click on TUTORIAL.

Updates - v1.5.4

Huge tutorial update.
Steam Achievements now are included. (Awards)
Added few game settings that we believe will improve the gameplay.
The text has been updated : missions, gui info boxes and any other text.
The harvesting asteroids mode it's updated.
The text of the " Player location and mission info" now are with Aqua color.
The ranking list does not open yet because it needs to be optimized.
Control settings have been removed from the settings menu. It will be added again later with all the settings you can change.
After selecting a weapon, you will see next to the mouse the number of the weapon you have selected. That way you will know that you have chosen it.
You can choose the color of the mouse cursor - Blue / Red.
You can display the Frames per second (Down in the right corner).
You can enable / disable the information boxes on the screen.

Fixes - v1.5.4

Now you will be not able to turn on your shield if one or more crew member it's not inside the shield room.

Few sound bugs has been fixed.
The bug where in every second battle the game crashes now it's fixed.
Now the settings will save and you will be not need to set up every time on run the game.
Big optimization of the code in the game.
The screen resizing has been fixed. Now you can play the game in any resolution. Automatically will set up. But the recommended resolution it's still 1920x1080 or 16/9 screens.
The weapon icon has been changed for easier recognition.

Multiplayer - v1.5.4
Fixes v1.5.4
The rooms of the enemy ships are fixed.
Connecting with a player from the other side is also fixed.

Problems we know about:
Weapons are not yet in sync.
Missiles, lasers and others fly too slowly.
The ship's rooms are not yet properly positioned.


Eslander just got Updated!

Eslander just got Updated!


New enemies. New weapon types. New visual and sound effects. Storyline has been updated. Crew members got a huge update. New shop, inventory and item...


Now this is a super interesting project - really looking good so far too.

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TeamTitan Creator

Thank you, the game it's available on Steam. You can play it there.

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