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Encyber is a platform game for up to two players. Its action is placed in the micro-world of a computer. The game itself has a fast paced tempo, and rewards the agility of players as well as their cooperation skills. In the game, we play as two computer viruses created by a hacker associated with a secret organisation, who tries to start a revolution in the world of Encyber. On our way to gain control over the main CPU (Central Processing Unit), we'll fight other programs and travel through the abstract world of Encyber. Every level that we'll have the opportunity to see will have a different, original set of mechanics, architecture and design.

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First entry


> Login as: ENER
> Password: ************

> cd system entry

// 01.10.2144r
// First entry;

// The world of Encyber servers is a paradise or you
might be inclined to think so until you find yourself inside;
// People that live inside this simulation are enslaved and
forced to work for decades to buy back their lives;
// It wasn't suppose to work this way, I didn't design this world like that;
// Now Encyber is a place far worse then hell itself;

// I need a program that we'll be able to crack the system and start the
// But what will happen to the people?

> cd..
> exit

Pierwszy wpis do sytemu en

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