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Quickly! Catch the falling eggs before they hit the ground!
Each of the eggs has different point values, the faster they go the more points
they have to offer!

Broken Egg: -5
Rotten: -10
White Egg: +5
White with Yellow stripe: +10
White with Green cross: +20
White with diagonal Purple stripe: +30
Light Blue with diagonal Purple stripe: +40

Chick: +100

STOP! Those are powerups, quickly grab them!

Heart: +1 Life
Rainbow Egg: Invincibility (Can catch rotten/broken eggs
without losing points)

Catch all those eggs are rack up those points! Who knows maybe you'll get the top score!

Creative Commons License
Egg! Scramble by Elegwa Landheart is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.

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April 10, 2010 Update


- Being able to drop different types of eggs. (x)
- Creating a scoreboard. (x)
- Different kinds of eggs, each one worth less/more points depending on it's speed. (x)

Still Need
A Life system- I was thinking about a system were the slower the egg falls, the more points it would take off if you miss it. When you hit -100 (Or another number) you lose the game.
Higher Goal- Not to sure what to do, feel free to shoot out ideas.
Animated Eggs- Eggs that spin in a circle like its falling.
A Basket- To replace the paddle.

Currently Working On
A Basket, it's still in WIP.
Better background and grass
More eggs

Screen Shots/ Videos
Some new shots of the game, plus the music currently include in the game.
WIP Menu/Game (Again)WIP Menu/Game (Again)

Garden Party audio - Egg! Scramble Game - Mod DB

-Carrots- audio - Egg! Scramble Game - Mod DB

Milestone 1

Milestone 1

News 8 comments

The following article will bring you up to speed on the progress of the game, whats being worked on and what the plans for the future are.


sweet game, it looks very promising

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Dude, great game, just great! :D

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Interesting project, it reminded me an old game with the similar idea of catching the eggs: Youtube.com it was an old pocket game. You can see a Flash simulator of it here: Flashdozor.ru Good luck with your game!

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Elegwa Creator

Oh, Game and Watch! Very cool, didn't know that. Thanks

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