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EchoSynth is a 3D platforming adventure game ideal for speedrunners. You play as Gollux, a giant golem prototype, trying to make your way through a simulation test to prove your strength. Breeze your way through 10 different levels. Explore the vibrant environments the simulator has to offer. Collect treasures along the way. Time yourself to see how fast you can complete the game without dying.

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EchoSynth Available Now!


EchoSynth is a 3D, adventure, platform game that feature precision jumps, mazes, collectibles, and a timed lifespan.



Fast-paced and heavily based on exploration and platforming, EchoSynth takes place in a simulator. You are one of the professor's prototypes, training to become one of his warriors on the battlefield. Can you make it through all 10 levels before time runs out?

Along your journey, you will hear the voices of some of the professor's other creations who were also once prototypes. They give you advice on how to beat the level and what to expect.

The simulator rooms that exist in this game were all created by these minions and are meant to test your jumping ability and speed.



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The entire game is meant to be done at once with a consistently decreasing health bar. With your only abilities to jump/double-jump and run, the game tests your speed running skills.

The player progresses through the game by reaching the teleporter at the end of each level, being transported back into the hub world, where you move on to the next level.

The only way the player dies is if the health bar reaches zero. Falling out of the level will take you back to the start, where you must complete the entire level again, but with less time than before.

The player has the option to pause the game at any time. If you choose to save and load, you will save your position in the game, but at the risk of losing collectibles.

Screenshot01 1newscreenshot29



  • 10 creative levels with interactive environments
  • Voice acting
  • Dark, ambient soundtrack
  • High-quality textures and designs
  • Simple game mechanics
  • Fun, high-speed game with replay-ability


Collect treasure, take shortcuts, explore various terrains, and more in this exciting game! The game features high-definition and well-textured designs. You can explore ancient ruins, high-tech labs, deserts, factories, and more!

You can visit the webpage Echosynth.weebly.com to learn more about the game.

You can get the game from the link above, the webpage itself, or below:



Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for future updates concerning the game!

- Torchlight Interactive

EchoSynth Update - More Screenshots

EchoSynth Update - More Screenshots


A few more screenshots before the official release of the game.

EchoSynth Demo Available!

EchoSynth Demo Available!


The free demo for EchoSynth is now available for download!

EchoSynth Update - Release Dates

EchoSynth Update - Release Dates


The release dates of the free demo of EchoSynth, as well as the full version of the game have been set to specific dates.




The gameplay of EchoSynth takes a completely different direction.

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EchoSynth Demo

EchoSynth Demo


The free demo for EchoSynth is now available for download.

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