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Drovoid is a game about designing spaceships by assembling modules, programming them, and sending your ships to colonize space through mining and space battles. Spaceships can be manually controlled, or fully automated, or both. Drovoid can be played in solo or in multiplayer thanks to the included server. Automated battle ships can be uploaded to the Arena to compete!

RSS Drovoid Arena - upload your ship designs and enter the online contest!

The Arena lets you upload your ships and duel against others. You can now design and upload ships directly from The Arena. Want to challenge your ship design skills? A free demo is available. (Yes, fully programmable modular ships fighting in an online contest!!!)

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The Drovoid Arena is finally shaping up! You can now upload up to five ships to the Arena and enter the global ranking system. Ships are organized by cost categories to avoid unfair fights - even though you can still launch these fights for the fun of it!

You can also design ships directly from within the Arena (including programming for advanced designs!). But all of this is explained in this video:

You can try the Arena right away by downloading the free demo:

Drovoid Arena

The demo lets you launch fights between other player's ships and your own designs. It is limited to modules below level 3 and does not allow for uploads.

The Arena is surrounded by an asteroid belt. It is advised to stay within the belt radius, as the asteroids are shielding the Arena from high radiations. Fleet fights are definitely an option -- keep in mind that you can design ships that can spawn other ships ...

I will most likely tweak the game balance in the coming weeks, adjust the categories, the modules, etc. So this is a good time to send your suggestions. If this gathers enough interest I plan on organizing weekly official tournaments, with a dedicated server running fights around the clock.

Please consider supporting the development of Drovoid. The game comes with the Arena (all modules, five upload slots), the survival/sandbox modes, all musics, and a stand alone server! (and of course all future updates are included).


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