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Drovoid is a game about designing spaceships by assembling modules, programming them, and sending your ships to colonize space through mining and space battles. Spaceships can be manually controlled, or fully automated, or both. Drovoid can be played in solo or in multiplayer thanks to the included server. Automated battle ships can be uploaded to the Arena to compete!


This free demo lets you create ships at level 1 and create programs up to 256 characters long. It is a sandbox demo: right from the start you will have plenty of resources. It also features a small in-game tutorial (follow the instructions from the talking ship :) ). I did not include any music, to keep the download small, and please keep in mind the sound effects are neither final nor complete -- this will be improved in future releases! Testing the demo is highly recommended before buying the alpha, to verify that the game runs smoothly on your setup.

Drovoid Sandbox Demo
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