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During thousands of years Hyperborea has been under the uncontested control of the Draconians, but now the Technocrats have arrived to the shores of the continent and they claim what once was theirs. The control of the land is what will bring victory to one or other. The Draconian extract their magic power from the earth, consuming the live and the natural resources around them. On the other hand, the power of the Technocrats comes from coal and steel, both equal abundant in Hyperborea.

Game Basics:
Draconian Wars introduces an innovative game mechanic, where the cards are your life, resources and the tools you will use to defeat your opponent. There is no life counters or something like that, when you win a combat and establish control over an area your opponent loses cards. Deplete your opponent’s reserve of cards and become the winner.
There are four types of cards: Units (Ground and Air units), Weapons, Gears, and Disrupts:

  • Units – Each unit has force, skill and armor. A unit's force is how strong it is in combat. Its skill represents the unit's combat strategy knowledge. Its armor is how difficult the unit is to hit with weaponry and how much combat damage it can absorb.
  • Weapons – Weapons help your units perform better in combat and let them damage enemy units.
  • Gears – Gears represent magic enchantments, buildings, devices and in general any asset you use to have an advantage over your opponent.
  • Disrupts – A disrupt represents a trick, strategy, magic spell or anything you play to spoil your opponent's plans.

In Draconian Wars players not only place cards on the table, they can maneuver their units on the battlefield adding another layer of strategy to the game. During the game there are 6 areas (3 ground areas and 3 air areas). Units move through this areas, fighting your opponent’s unit and bringing support where they are more needed.

Game Modes:
Draconian Wars offers plenty of game modes:

  • Build your deck and play with your friends in online games.
  • Practice against the Artificial Intelligence.
  • Discover the continent of Hyperborea and fight vs specialized Artificial Intelligence with special scenario rules.
  • Resolve challenging puzzles.

The game is posted on Steam GreenLight Steamcommunity.com

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The very first review of Draconian Wars is available on the italian site The Indie Shelter. Technocrat and Draconian armies have arrived in Italy, and it seems they are enjoying it, grazie mille!
Read the complete review on Theindieshelter.com

Draconian Wars first patch released

Draconian Wars first patch released


A new update has been released for Draconian Wars, fixing some issues, and adding a couple of cool new features.

Draconian Wars on Steam GreenLight

Draconian Wars on Steam GreenLight


Draconian Wars is on Steam GreenLight. Get published on Steam would be a great achievement and would increase enormously the number of Draconian Wars...

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Draconian Wars Rulebook

Draconian Wars Rulebook


If you want to know every single detail of Draconian Wars rules, this is your guide.

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phantombeast - - 2 comments

And there is one thing I would like to point out, since you don`t sell the cards in game with real currency, why don`t we start the game with every card already? I do not find it entertaining to grid against the CPU.

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MrBrain27 - - 8 comments

The game is still alive? I want to play with someone but seems like i am the only person who plays it, and no news from devs... Maybe they should pay more attention to greenlight, because a lot games have been greenlited recently and there will be much more players on steam.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DonPio Creator
DonPio - - 19 comments

Hi MrBrain27,
The game is still alive ;)
We're still working on the artificial intelligence. It's quite a complex game and it's taking longer than we expected. However, we are close to the end. Besides, we will release more updates once the AI is done, such as new tables, new cards, and more stuff.
Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy the game.


Reply Good karma+4 votes
phantombeast - - 2 comments

It is very delighting to hear that ;-). Draconian Wars is the most complex and strategic game there is, and when I first saw it on the website I feel in love at first sight. Please, don`t ever let it die, not ever!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MrBrain27 - - 8 comments

I'm glad to hear that you are working on the game! Yeah, your game is very complex, i think it is one of the best TCG that i've played, but i think the main problem for now is that you cant play multiplayer, cuz noone online. I hope that you guys will keep develop game and sometimes release it on steam, good luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
reyals123 - - 1 comments

When I installed the game and it asked me to select a faction, I decided to look at the rulebook first and exited the game. Now when I start it up, I just get a spinning cog and can't start a game. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wurmphlegm - - 134 comments

Where is the Linux version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
HooterBabby - - 59 comments

Serial killers use Linux. I am not surprised.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Petatron - - 6 comments

And also the Mac version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
uniqueindie - - 2 comments

The game crashed after I made the profile but before I selected faction. Now when I start the game I get to a screen with single/multiplayer and profile name but I can't seem to click on anything. Do I need to reinstall?

Also is the choice of starting faction permanent? How can I play the other faction/starting deck?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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