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Divinum is a fantasy hack-'n'-slash platformer wrapped in pixel art aesthetics currently in development for Windows/Mac/Linux. You take control of a maiden, who gets sacrificed by an evil deity's followers. For a mysterious case, she remains alive. Imbued with a dark curse, now she has to get out of the horrible deeps and seek revenge.

The game offers an advanced combat system, giving the player a high variety of combos and skills. Besides fighting, you will solve puzzles, investigate mysteries and more!


  • Combine many various attacks to break through the enemies with style.
  • Immerse in the dark fantasy world performed in authentic pixel art.
  • Explore seven hand-crafted levels saturated with monsters and mysteries, each containing a challenging boss battle.
  • Avoid traps, solve puzzles and uncover secrets.
  • Upgrade the character's powers and customize them to play the way you want.
  • Full gamepad support for smooth gaming experience.
  • No crafting, grinding or backtracking – push forward and become fury incarnate!
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After only two weeks, Divinum was greenlit by the community with a total of 712 "Yes" votes. Overall, it went pretty confidently, we had a better "Yes" to "No" rate than the top 50 average. More than half of the traffic came from Steam itself, so we didn't feel like we would need to do aggressive marketing to get approved, as it was rumored.

Though we think that Valve are making the right decision changing Greenlight, its good part is allowing wide interaction with the community right in Steam itself. We've got a lot of feedback, including some about characters, and we decided to redesign the main character.

Character comparison

The hands should definitely contrast with the body, and the player should know where the feet are. This gives a much better vision to character's motions. The cape physics and structure was really weird, as well as the hair. And the main thing ‒ proportions: legs and arms should be much longer. The scabbard was neither a good decision.

Most of the new locomotion animations are already finished:

Here are some schematic attack motions:

Tell us, what you think!

You might have already thought ‒ will the character have more weapons? Yes. The cultists' corrupted ritual has given her a horrific ethereal weapon, which is also a curse. We will show it in the next update, as well as new sword combos and monsters.

Also, check out our Indiegogo page ‒ we've reconsidered rewards and pricing. The campaign is halfway through.

Divinum is live on Greenlight & Indiegogo!

Divinum is live on Greenlight & Indiegogo!

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We've just launched Divinum on Greenlight and we need your support to get on Steam. You can greatly help by just leaving a vote for the game!

Announcement trailer with gameplay!

Announcement trailer with gameplay!

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The trailer features pre-alpha gameplay footage. Check it out!

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