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The main goal of Dimensions was to create a simple game, with a challenging aspect to it. I have pretty much developed the game single-handedly, from Sprites to Scripts. Even the story is my own. And I'll tell you, writing the story is the most fun I've had when the focus is essentially on two inanimate objects.

Anyway, the game itself is in a pretty stable state as it is. And I'm always adding more to it on a daily basis. If you find any issues with it, you can always send me an email or a PM and I'll see if I can fix it.

- "Roving" lights. They catch you, a door closes.
- Electrical Fences. Get hit by these and lose health and points.
- Mines. These will surely help you go out with a bang.
- Lasers. Get too close, and they'll drain your health and points.
- Machine Guns. Think you can outsmart them... Ha, its the bullets you have to worry about.
- Flamethrowers. Get too close and its flame-grilled recycling!
- Voids. They look harmless, but they're actually bottomless pits.
- Teleporters. Pretty self explanatory.
- Flame Vents. Like any other game that contains these, they're pretty annoying.
- Health Stations. These are pretty useful when you get to those really complex levels.
- Saws. Hit these, and you're gonna re-decorate the room.

- Planned:
-- Suicide. Drop to one health point per level, one life. The furthest you can get through the levels, the higher a score you get.
-- Time Attack. Fixed time limit on each level, the less time you take, the larger your score bonus.
-- Team-Play. You control one side, your friend controls the other. Easy huh? The movement rule still applies.

- Available:
-- Normal. Normal rules, no timer.
(More coming soon)

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Introductory Values
Hello once again, it's been a very long time since I updated you guys on the goings on of Delta Studios and Reactor 17. Well, it's high-time I actually did something around here and I thought it was appropriate that I update you on the most important matters first. Those being that Reactor 17 is not a dead project, however Delta Studios is.

Wait, Delta Studios is Dead?
Yeah, Delta Studios is dead. But for a reason! Lately, I've been working with a new team. Dubbed Project Rogue, by myself, and running under the name of Rogue Rage. Project Rogue still involves a lot of the original team, a lot meaning just myself... With a few new members thrown in, a few meaning about eight or nine members.

So, the new team means what, exactly?
Well, to answer that question, I'm not going to have to do a great deal. For starters, the new team now has a YouTube partnership, which means we're getting paid... Soon. Secondly, we're already in the process of designing our first team game, the second one will be Reactor 17. Although, I tend to end up multitasking and working on both at once. The new team may not be as talented in games design as I am, however their views on the RPG environment is pretty good, and this would aide me in developing Reactor 17 to be a more entertaining game.

So Reactor 17 is going to be an RPG?
Yes, and it was destined to become one from the very beginning. Although, the story may need re-inventing around the four new characters that will be introduced at a later date. We'll also be introducing the RPG crafting system and fusing the traditional RPG environment with that of a point-and-click adventure game, such as "The Secret of Monkey Island", "Myst" and "Shadowgate", and a First Person Shooter... Creating some monstrous hybrid FP-RP-PnC game... Hah, no. We'll just be making it a First Person Role-playing Adventure game, where exploration is key.

What now?
Now? We wait... Or, you wait. Whatever floats your boat.
I'll update you when I can, and I'll keep you posted on YouTube.

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Dimensions - V10

Dimensions - V10

Demo 1 comment

Version 10 release of Dimensions. Featuring: Major Bugfixes, Upgrades System, Rotary Menus, Graphic Updates and File System fixes.

Dimensions - V9

Dimensions - V9


Yeah, the name says V9... The last version on here is V4... But, Whatever. It doesnt matter. This version features: - Re-designed main menu. - Loading...

Dimensions - V4

Dimensions - V4


The Version 4 release of Dimensions. Features many bugfixes and improvements. Including new level layouts.

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Very Nice :D

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Thank you!

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