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Diggy Digger is a vertical scrolling platform puzzler. Dig against the clock to reach the end of the level while avoiding enemies, traversing puzzle set-pieces and collecting treasure.

Unlock new characters, levels and upgrades. Replay levels to achieve a perfect 'One-shot' play-through.

Current Features

  • 120 Levels.
  • 10 Playable Characters.
  • Boosts – Unlock and upgrade various boosts to help you along the way.
  • Level Editor – create and play your own levels using an external editor.

Planned Release Features

  • 240 Levels.
  • 20 Playable Characters.
  • More Boosts.
  • Fully integrated Level Editor so community created levels can be live as soon as they are ready.
  • Rating system so community created levels can be sorted by popularity.
  • Reputation for level creators, so players can reward them for creating fun levels.
  • Achievements, Trading Cards and Leaderboards.

Planned Post-Release Features

Online and Split-screen Multiplayer

  • More levels, playable characters and boosts
  • Extra game modes
  • Full community support with challenges
  • Themed level design challenges


Will Diggy Digger be available on Early Access?

We hope to release Diggy Digger on Early Access so your feedback will allow us to refine, add and remove features. We are also considering including some of the best community created levels in the main game mode prior to Full Release.

Is Diggy Digger available on any other platform?

We are also developing a mobile version which is different from this version in numerous ways. The mobile version has narrow levels for playing in portrait mode, and has a different unlock structure more suited to mobile gamers. There will also be no level editor with the mobile version.

How does the level editor work?

Currently we use tIDE (Tilemap Integrated Development Environment) to draw the levels onto a grid. Ultimately we plan to have our own level editor built into the game, for a more seamless design flow.

Can I share my levels with other players?

For Early Access you will be able to send any levels you design to us, and we will give them a quick review and include them in regular updates for everyone to play. For full release, we plan to allow players to make levels 'live' as soon as they are ready.

What is a 'One-shot' play-through?

A 'One-shot' is when you play a level from start to finish and collect all the treasure in one pass.

If you replay a level, any previously collected treasure will still be visible. This 'ghost' treasure can be collected again to count towards your 'One-shot', but will not be of any value.

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Hi Guys,

We have just launched our Steam Greenlight for Diggy Digger, and would appreciate your support. Please vote and comment.

If you don't have access to Steam, we will also be launching on mobile very soon.

If you want to follow our progress, you can do that here:

Thanks for looking, enjoy our trailer and gameplay footage :)

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