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Deus Ex Machina in an exploration into a fan remake and modernisation of the original in Unity, redesigning systems and game mechanics to conform to modern iterations of the franchise and the genre as a whole. Not designed to be an exact remake of the original but instead and evolution of it with the intention being at this early stage to produce a reimagined Liberty Island as a portfolio piece.

The New World Order (view original)

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Very much up DX's street is the conspiracies regarding the New World Order. Now the plot outlines the actions of one man in order to gain global supremacy. But this listing is more so outlining the general consensus from governments around the world in 2052 in order to provide some context.

For the most part the left wing resistance we see today is all but irrelevant and whose concepts are generally laughed at by the general populace. There is no notion of social justice, political correctness, socialism and the ideals of feminism outside the bounds of equality. There is no coddling, no cotton wool wrap, and no support of weakness and unnecessary feelings. Reality is absolute, and facts are law.

Instead of the rudimentary forms of government today, there exists a clandestine Democratic Meritocratic Technocracy intent on governing all world governments. A Globalised Technocracy, an extension of the democratic freedoms of today but instead with a focus on merit and technology, your contribution on society is based solely upon your intellect, your creativity, your continued performance and your value/effect upon it.

AI's will be powerful enough to determine these subjective attributes, and then index them accordingly. Those who do not conform or who under perform are forgotten and face great difficulty often becoming homeless, gang members or dissidents who must be crushed.

There are other individuals though who do not fit the model, but still provide an acceptable contribution, these individuals change the status quo of governing algorithms therefore creating new norms. Race, Gender and Religion have no affect upon the outcomes, just merit alone. In short, it's survival of the fittest whereby traits deemed acceptable are retained and those that are not are removed, permanently.

Also forget about illegal immigration, those who try are globally shot on sight, the few that make it can not function in the harsh societies they wish to gain entry into.

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