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Arcade racing game about refueling your car in the desert

Currently being built in Unreal Engine 4, the game is still in early development.

The goal of the game is race through the desert refueling your car throughout different tracks. Also trying to get a personal best race time which will displayed in a leaderboard.

The gas stations are used as checkpoints in the game and you are refueling your car to ensure you have enough fuel to reach the next station and the finish line. The refueling process is fast paced and collecting fuel pick-ups is done in an arcade style. If your car run’s out of fuel the level will be restarted.


AI Bandits are trying to stop your car by using weapon’s and driving into your car to put it off the road to run down your fuel gauge. Also there will be AI road blocks and diversions.

Game Modes:

  • Single Player
  • Online and Split-Screen Multiplayer

Multiplayer will create interaction and elements of competition between players within the game.

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Welcome to the eighth update I have made lots of progress since the last update.


The driving in the game is now working which is great news. Currently I'm still fine tuning the vehicles in terms of the handling and steering to find the right balance.

Now that I understand the system for getting vehicles working in-game it’s going to much easier to get new vehicles working from now on. With this in mind I have made progress on getting two new vehicles working.


The 1974

Here is the first look at The 1974, one of the new playable vehicles in Desert Zone 76, hanging out at the gas station. The 1974 car is based on a famous sports car during this time period.



Pickup Truck

The pickup truck is a new addition to the game, I wanted to add a different type of vehicles other than a car. Its giving players choice in terms of vehicle selection which I hope this can be a good step for the game to take. Also this will be suited to multiplayer meaning players will not be driving the same vehicles.



There is also potential for armoury to be place on the back of the pickup. I will have look into weapons and figure out how that stuff would work. So I would not rule out vehicular combat elements for the game at this stage.

Car Components

Cameras/First Person Mode

The player can switch between different camera views while driving. First and third person views are available. I wanted to offer the choice regarding the camera views because I know many players really like having a first person view in driving type games.



The headlights are important aspect at night time because the driver needs them to navigate through the darkness in the desert. The headlights can be toggled off and on while driving.




There has not been many houses in the game as of yet but I have tried to create a house which suits the theme, style and time period of the game. I will continue to experiment with different houses in a larger scale.


(Gas Station Count:15)

The gas station creation is going well most of the stations in the game are based of photo references or otherwise I came up with my own ideas and tried to create unique stations. I think the next batch of stations will have to be a larger scale than the previous ones.


HighresScreenshot00000 1



Thanks for reading!

Desert Zone 76 - Monthly Update #7

Desert Zone 76 - Monthly Update #7

News 2 comments

New Gas Stations, Track Design and Environment Assets.

Desert Zone 76: Update 6

Desert Zone 76: Update 6


New Start in Unreal Engine 4: Game World, Car Park, 3D Assets and Gas Stations.

Desert Zone 76 - Monthly Update #5

Desert Zone 76 - Monthly Update #5


Engine switch from Cryengine 3 to Unreal Engine 4. Ideas and decisions for the new engine.

Desert Zone 76 - Monthly Update #4

Desert Zone 76 - Monthly Update #4

News 1 comment

Desert Zone 76 Development Update #4 - New and updated assets and signage.

Guest - - 699,193 comments

So what's the goal of this game? I refuel so I can do what? Just wander aimlessly?

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CoolerThanTV Creator
CoolerThanTV - - 3 comments

I have updated the game description to provide more information about the game goal, fuel system and game modes.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
JETHEBEAST76 - - 1 comments

Simplistic but very unique. I like it.

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Typotromic - - 29 comments

Reminds me of the golden age of retro racing! I love it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
TheFredBear - - 2 comments

how to download?!?!?

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CoolerThanTV Creator
CoolerThanTV - - 3 comments

Hey fredbear there is no download available at the moment. Im working towards getting a playable demo uploaded on indiedb in the comming months.

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