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A young sorceress must defend her home from raiding monsters. She is still a novice and not able to stop the threat alone. As her last resort a magical stone will increase her magical potential. She activates it by saying "Defend me". Each absorbed soul gathered by the stone through defeated enemies will empower it. She can use the souls to improve her spells attributes like damage, speed, knockback and critical hit potential. She will also be able to learn a variety of new spells.

Defend Me is a tower defense like game that runs on Unreal Engine 4.
The game is in early development and there is a lot more content to come.

The following features will be added to the game.

• PC, Mac, Linux support.
• Controller support.
• VR support.
• Huge variety of different spells.
• Customizable character.
• Multiple outfits.
• Boss fights.
• Different monsters with their own characteristics and attributes.
• Endless stages (waves of monsters) and upgrades for your spells.
• Different environments.

We are considering adding the following features.

• Local and online coop.
• Nvidia Gameworks (Hairworks, Flex, etc.).

We would love to read your feedback and suggestions.

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Update 1

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We've added graphics options, arcane beam, arcane sphere, slowing vortex, new monsters and a bestiary.
We've decided to get rid of the gold currency and use souls instead. When you kill an enemie, you absorb his soul and will be able to use it for upgrades.

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