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Death Legacy is a roguelike, dungeon crawler, turn-based combat, roleplaying game, which try to approach to old-school dungeon crawlers, but offering a 3D graphic esthetics. One of its main features is the procedurally generated content (the entire dungeon, the items stats, the loot,...). The use of the senses will be decisive as you can find hidden secrets and your enemies using sight, and hearing. However, enemies will also use their senses to find you. Survival is another game mechanic. The player will suffer from hunger, thirst and tiredness, which will affect the players stats... or kill him.

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We are proud to announce the first playable version of Death Legacy! It has been a nuisance to make it accessible to all of you, but we are really interested in your feedback. We also want to know if people see it as an interesting product or just a test of the things we’ve learnt this year. Don’t hesitate to report any issue you encounter installing or playing it. Please, read the release notes explained in the download page.

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Download link

Death Legacy 0.6

First Gameplay Video - Indie DB

Game features

  • Perma-Death™ - If you die the game ends, so be careful. However, we will add a content-unlock and reward system in the future.
  • Turn-based gameplay - Actions costs and characters speed are used to calculate the next position in the turns queue. Every action costs your turn, so think carefully before using/picking/equipping items during combat.
  • Tiled-based gameplay - Movement is limited to 90 degree turn, going forward, backward and strafing left and right. You can also look around holding the middle mouse button.
  • Character personalization - This is a role-playing game, take your time defining your character :-). MUCH more races and classes coming. Magic not yet implemented (sorry :-( ), don’t waste time picking mage.
  • Combat strategy - Have a look at the range/AoE of the weapons and use it in your advance.
  • Biomes - Two at the moment (stone dungeon and ice cave).
  • Survival - Hunger, thirst and sleep. They define your fatigue, which affects to your combat effectiveness and speed.
  • Toxicity system - the level of toxicity prevents you to abuse drinking potions, so think it thoroughly before using them.
  • Use your character senses - You can locate enemies without seeing them if you hear them. You will see a graphic representation of the sound. We will give importance to the sight, too, and you will be able to improve these senses.
  • Procedural generation - The dungeon is generated procedurally. To know more about our generation system, read this entry Indiedb.com. You can download a demo about how our algorithm works.
  • No map’s land - Yeah, we don’t have a map implemented (at least for the moment), use the compass.
  • Different enemy behaviours - Two at the moment (melee and ranged). However, we are using the same model for both, so forgive us if a stone rock punchs your face from the distance.

Give feedback

Please, don't hesitate about giving all the feedback you can, such as ideas, features that can be improved, game-balancing suggestions (the game is really unbalanced right now!), any problem you have, ... Everything is welcomed, taken into account and help us grow.

You can help us!

Finally, if the game crashes, you can help us if you want to. To to this, go to the game installation directory and open the "scripts" folder. There, you will find a debugLog.xml file wich contains information about your last played game. You can send this file to us along with an explanation of what you were doing when the crash appeared. Send an email to loothut@gmail.com or write a comment with this information. Thank you for your help ^^.


This is it!

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