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What is this game? A low poly PS2 style story driven zombie game set in the 80's heavily based off the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead, and the video game "Dead Rising"s concept of using anything as a weapon. Set in the 80's time period with an 80s style soundtrack(golden age of horror movies). A small homage to George A Romero Story A small scale outbreak is occurring in a small countryside town. Still discovering the nature of the rising dead, 3 people take shelter in a radio station on the outskirts of town abandoned by the original owner. They shut off power to the elevator and use the fire escape to get to and from the supplies they need, as well as to people who need their help who they find on through radio contact. Discover the plague from their perspective and get to the bottom of it before the center of disease tries to wipe them out in 3 days .

Jump Kick Test

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