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If you enjoy playing games that include strategy, wave survival, hero management, lots of loot, city building, exploration or crafting, then Darfall is for you, as it's the mix of all.

Build up your settlement in a land covered with undead corruption. Gather resources from around the map, construct productions like Blacksmith or Carpenter to craft armour needed by your units. Place your defences to protect your settlement against invading undead.

But don’t forget to build up lights, as the night approaches, the land gets covered in darkness and undead rise from their graves.

Darfall offers a full day & night cycle, where you explore during the day, but defend during the night. The exploration of your surroundings is an integral part to your survival. Roam freely during the daylight to discover orc encampments guarding their loot, or precious silver veins you can mine from. As the land is infested with undead corruption, you must destroy their hideouts so you can expand your settlement even further.

Darfall gives you a full hero management gameplay. Loot weapons and armour to equip your hero and make him more powerful. Use the spell book to train new skills that unlock as your hero levels up. From scorching groups of enemies to healing your wounded allies in battle, use and control the abilities in a similar way as in MOBA games.

Your hero has a full inventory, which can be filled with materials and resources you gather and collect during your exploration. Bring them back to the keep and use them in your economy or craft new items.

Enemies you kill drop loot that range from basic resources like wood or iron, which are used in your economy, to various armour or weapons your hero can wear. Darfall offers a loot system from action RPGs as you know it, where items of various rarities can drop, from epic to legendary, each giving your hero various stats increasing his power.

Hunt wild animals for food to prevent starvation of your units, or steal supplies from enemy camps to boost your economy.

As the night begins and darkness creeps into every corner of the map, undead rise and invade your settlement, increasing in intensity each day. Build your defences to protect your city, upgrade your walls, place spike traps or explosive barrels to slow down the invaders and survive the night.

Build an army to help protect your city, from mighty paladins wearing heavy armour, to healers that keep your units alive, you will need every advantage you can get to help you face the darkness of the night.

- Full day & night cycle. Place lights to see in dark and survive the night against the invasions

- Craft various items from your structures like armour or weapons to equip your units

- Collect the loot from your enemies, from food used to feed your units to epic items for your hero

- Level up and equip your hero, train new spells and control the battlefield

- Manage food and happiness of your workers, as they are the backbone of your economy

- Explore during the daylight to fight orcs guarding their loot or find rare resources to craft better items

- Place defences like traps, explosive barrels or walls to face the incoming waves

- Survival mode: earn score by playing smart and survive the longest

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DevBlog #3 - Map Generation


Hello everyone and welcome back :)

It's me Lukas and today I will talk about how the map is generated in Darfall.

Since maps in Darfall are procedurally generated, we needed a versatile system that would allow us to modify any part of the map generation, like which trees are placed into the forests, what areas will our forests cover, or what units and structures are generated into which parts of the map.

This system is fully "scriptable", this means that Martin, our artist, can modify any part of the map generation without me needing to touch the code.

Grassland Map
Let's start with few steps of how the Grassland map is generated. First, an empty body of water is placed onto the map

Next, the terrain tiles are generated, with mountains and bodies of water. Both use perlin noise to make them look natural.

Then resources like trees and iron veins are placed into the map. Trees are also generated using perlin noise, which gives the tree clusters more natural look.

Finally, enemy camps are placed into valid locations, like orc camps or undead zones

Any enemy "point of interest" location is called a camp. These are also procedurally generated. We have a simple system that allows us to quickly populate these camps with props and loot in the Unity editor without touching the code.

Some simple examples of orc camp can be seen here:

All these tools allow us to create quite an impressive locations, like undead zones which create an atmosphere of dangerous corrupted lands

Above were just quick examples of the processes we currently have in its initial stages. In the future, we plan to generate entire villages, forts or encampments for different races, that will be present across different map biomes.

I hope you liked this quick sneak peak of how Darfall is generating its map :)

See you in the next dev blog post!

Martin and Lukas from SquareNite and from beyond the darkness of Darfall.

Check out our Discord -Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Steam - Official Website.

DevBlog #1 - Darfall Announcement

DevBlog #1 - Darfall Announcement


Hello all! We are two indie developers, Lukas (me) and Martin, working on a Darfall game, where you build, defend, loot, explore and survive waves of...

DevBlog #2 - Menu Improvements

DevBlog #2 - Menu Improvements


DevBlog #2 - Menu Improvements: Today, we want to show you the work we have done on the Main Menu in the past weeks for our game Darfall. It was not the...

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