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Cygnus Racing League is a fast paced action racing game, pitting players in a battle royale racing environment! Fly some of the fastest ships in the galaxy, while utilizing quick reactions, speed, and firepower to take down your enemies, to become the Cygnus Racing League Galactic Champion!

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Hello Cygnus Community!

We hope you all are doing well, and that 2022 is treating you well! So far it has been a very busy start to the year at Cygnus Studios, as we work round the clock to get Cygnus Racing League to its PC debut. We recently hit a snag with multiplayer, but a solution has been found and a resolution to the matter should be completed soon! As soon as multiplayer is tied up, there are just a few loose ends to take care of before we submit the application to Steam! So hopefully we should have some more news on the release front soon! In the meantime we wanted to give you some insight into some of our recent developments and future plans!

In our recent playtests, we discovered that there were quite a few QoL improvements we could add before release!

  • Some control tweaks were made
  • The drift system was finalized,
  • A boost feature was added,
  • Turn rates were improved,
  • Manual aim was added,
  • Bot behavior was improved,
  • UI was expanded and refined to make it more clear,
  • Overall race experience was altered to offer cleaner, more skillful racing.

On top of all of those improvements, we also decided to do away with the tier system so that players have access to all of the best gear available. With the loss of the tier system, also saw the removal of the credits and item store. No longer will players be limited by credit counts in order to set up their ship with their ideal setup! We think these improvements offer players a smoother, simplified experience that gets players right into the action!

On top of the in-game improvements, we also have been making large strides on the back end of the game. The Cygnus X-1 Game engine will be making a big step forward! Currently, Cygnus Racing League operates on OpenGL 4.6, but will be transitioning to Vulkan in the near future. This change will not only make development smoother, but will also offer more graphical improvements, and a better gaming experience for users through faster responding gaming. On top of these future improvements, we will also be releasing a roadmap soon offering users a glimpse into the future of our development from our initial Alpha Release to a full release. To give you a preview into what we want to bring in the near future is:

  • Steam SDK integration,
  • Achievements,
  • Prestige level system,
  • New game modes
  • More ships,
  • Reimagined tracks and environments from the mobile release,
  • And more modding tools.

Our team has been burning the midnight oil to see this release come to fruition. We will have release information to give very soon, with our development roadmap following shortly after. Thank you all for your incredible support and patience during this development process! Stay tuned on our Steam Store page, social media pages, IndieDB, and website for updates, and we hope to see you all soon out on track!

1/18/22: Release Update and Custom Mode

1/18/22: Release Update and Custom Mode


A look at our upcoming release, and some information about our Custom Game mode!

1/10/22: Release Info!

1/10/22: Release Info!


An update on our release date, some alpha gameplay info, and our release party!

12/21/21: Happy Holidays

12/21/21: Happy Holidays


Our last development update of the year, and a retrospective look at 2021!

12/8/21: PC Combat Dev Blog

12/8/21: PC Combat Dev Blog


A look at the new combat features that will be arriving on PC next month!

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