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Curry Paradiso is a sim game taking vein to the popular Harvest Moon series but shifts the game into managing a diner. The player can either do it alone or hire employees (cooks, waiters and janitors) to help him. To become successful, the player must become efficient in managing the many facets of the business, like food quality, crew service, etc.

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Dev Musings 1 : Rekindled


Back in 2009, Me and my buddy, along with a couple of online friends on a forum, toyed around the idea of making a game based on Harvest Moon, a casual farm sim. We decided to use RPG Maker VX for making it since it was pretty easy to use and it was suitable to our needs. As you probably expected, it never went past public release since we struggled with development hell, among other issues. We eventually parted ways but the idea still lingered with me. So I gradually took notes/ideas over the years and went back making it (from scratch), but I took some significant shifts that I felt were necessary.

One shift I made is the gameplay change from running a farm to managing a diner. One of the many pitfalls we (as with many other casual game devs making fan games) ran into when we made our Harvest Moon game was, well, making it look and play like Harvest Moon. We never really made something 'inspired' by it since we were just aping it as close as we can. By changing its basic premise, the game now looks and feels like it didn't ripped off the franchise. And although the gameplay might be different, it still has its parallels from the game its inspired from. Another difference is the timeframe of the game is now limited as compared to Harvest Moon's indefinite game time. That enabled us to have an endgame and thus, a more concise storyline. Instead of working 'for the duration,' (and thus never gets finished) I am now making it much smaller and certainly more manageable.

With a goal and objective properly placed. Now I'm hoping to present a playable demo by next year.

Just some thoughts I came up for now.

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