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Dark Dungeon will be a roquelike dungeon crawler with random levels and a action gameplay. we planed 5-6 levels with unique grafics and enemys , bosses and elite enemys and online highscore. Also many items, weapons and traps.

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This is the first "Dev Blog" of our dungeon crawler "Dark dungeon". Built by three graphic artists of which one is doing all the progamming via Unity. It has roguelike elements and randomely generated levels. Influenced by Diablo, Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac we wanted to create something like that on our own.

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Currently we are working on the first and second level sets and all the assets that are contained in these. The GUI with references to classic card based tabletop games is already done and working like a charm.

Ingame Screenshots Ingame Screenshots

Although this project is developed in our spare time during the last month more and more additional features have been implemented so that now the time has come to show this piece of art to the world.

- Animation done by motioncapturing via Kinect
- interchangeable weapons, shields and armour
- new opponents instead of dummies
- added elite opponents and sub-boss character with special weapon


- added testroom for second level
- created assets for second level

We would be very pleased if you could have a look at the pictures and videos and provide us with some constructive feedback.

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